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Are you considering alternatives? There are many alternatives available in the market. But choosing anyone is a complicated task. offer a wide range of helpful features including an email finder, email verifier, email drip campaigns, email warm-up, and more. Sometimes it overwhelms new users and needs to be clarified about which tools to use. But overall it is the best sales automation platform for marketing and sales professionals.


Why Should You Consider Alternatives?

Like any tool, has its own set of benefits and drawbacks that should be taken into account.

1. Loading Time

Compared to its competitor, has a slower loading time which may hinder your productivity when searching for contacts and verified email addresses.

2. Data Accuracy

Many users move out from due to poor data quality. Many people noticed an increase in the bounce rate of their email campaigns. The database is inaccurate and outdated, resulting in a greater bounce rate and deliverability concerns.

3. Email Finding

Sometimes you will not get emails for your query. It becomes difficult to find emails for your target audience. This issue is commonly experienced by users across the board.

4. Bugs

Certain users have raised concerns regarding the bounce back issue, as lacks the ability to accurately map email bounces in the designated bounce section. This appears to be a bug that should address and improve upon.

5. Database Filter

The filter option in has been reported as unreliable and inaccurate, presenting users with challenging difficulties in finding accurate information about the right prospects.

During our usage of, we encountered these issues. Then we tried other alternatives to for better accuracy and reliability.


12 Best Alternatives

Check out the list of alternatives that can enhance your organization’s productivity, accuracy, and revenue. After conducting extensive research on over 25 email-finding tools, we have curated a compilation of the top alternatives for your consideration.


#1. PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster is a modern era of lead generation platform. It will help you to extract contacts from any network and website such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Github, Reddit, Youtube, Yellow Pages, and more. Apart from data extraction, you can also automate Linkedin tasks like sending invitations, messages, likes, comments, and follow-ups. PhantomBuster is an all-in-one lead generation platform you can consider as a alternative. Read the detailed PhantomBuster review here. lacks features such as Linkedin automation. However, with PhantomBuster, you can effortlessly automate your entire Linkedin lead generation and outreach campaign with just a few clicks. PhantomBuster offers a broader range of features compared to It has gained the trust of over 100,000 users for their lead generation needs. 

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#2. SalesQL

Salesql is a simple LinkedIn prospecting platform. It will help you to extract contacts from your LinkedIn connections even if you are not connected with prospects. Salesql chrome extension provides accurate email and phone numbers of prospects within one click. More than 200,000 companies use SalesQL to reach business professionals without spending too much time. Read the SalesQL review for more information.

Compare to, Salesql offer only LinkedIn lead generation features. It offers precise and up-to-date contact information, which can significantly boost sales and revenue. If you’re seeking alternatives to, Salesql is highly recommended as one of the top choices.

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#3. FindThatLead

FindThatLead stands out as a highly intelligent B2B lead generation platform. It serves as another viable alternative to, offering similar functionalities and features. Install the FindThatLead Chrome extension and find out lead on any website or social media network.

With FindThatLead you can build a targeted list, verify emails, send emails, and reach thousands of prospects within a short span of time. It’s the perfect lead generation platform for B2b, Sales, Recruiters, Growth Hackers, and many other professionals. FindThatLead can be considered a comparable platform to

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#4. Wiza

Wiza is another outstanding alternative you can use for building prospect lists from LinkedIn. More than 30,000+ businesses use Wiza for scaling outbound sales and driving new revenue. Read more on Wiza’s review.

Wiza provides verified email and phone numbers, enabling direct communication with your target audience. With its simple and efficient interface, Wiza delivers instant results. Compare to, Wiza’s pricing plans are a bit higher side. But in terms of accuracy, it offers a top-notch quality database.

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#5. GrowMeOrganic

GrowMeOrganic is a popular email finder and sales automation platform. It is one of the toughest competitors of Both platforms offer similar features but it is a more advanced and cost-effect sales automation tool. To gain a deeper understanding of all its features, we recommend reading the detailed GrowMeOrganic review.

GrowMeOrganic offers a wide array of features including prospect searching on LinkedIn, unlimited access to a database of 15 million+ companies, 575 million+ verified professional B2B emails, and the ability to send cold emails, among other lead generation activities. As a potential replacement for, GrowMeOrganic is worth considering.

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#6. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is mainly used for Linkedin automation. It has all features that can help you generate high-quality leads for your business. As you know, all the B2B professionals are on Linkedin. To reach B2B prospects effectively and effortlessly you should use tools like Octopus CRM. Read the Octopus CRM review to get a detailed overview.

Compare to, Octopus CRM is an advanced Linkedin automation platform that has powerful features like automated Linkedin activity, generating leads, sending personalized messages, and connection requests, automatically endorsing skills, and more.

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#7. Waalaxy

Waalaxy is another powerful alternative you can consider. Waalaxy is also a LinkedIn automation that provides accurate contact information without much effort. It’s easy to go platform that fits every business to meet lead generation requirements. Learn more about why you should choose Waalaxy.

More than 100000+ users save time by using Waalaxy for lead generation activity. is not an automated platform. Every activity you should perform manually. It is always better to choose a platform that is fully automated and provides you with instant results.

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#8. Evaboot

Evaboot is a powerful Linkedin Sales Navigator Scraper that swiftly retrieves the emails of LinkedIn prospects with just one click. Its widely-used Chrome extension allows for easy extraction of any prospect’s email on LinkedIn. However, it should be noted that Evaboot is not a comprehensive lead generation platform when compared to

While offers a wide range of features beyond email finding, Evaboot primarily focuses on being a LinkedIn email-finding tool, enabling you to build a highly accurate prospect list. However, it lacks email sending and automated lead generation features. If your main priority is data extraction, then considering Evaboot as an alternative to could be a suitable choice.

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#9. Closely

Closely is a fantastic alternative available in the market. Closely offer excellent features and automation service for lead generation. You can easily automate Linkedin lead generation and convert ideal prospects into clients. Read the complete Closely review here.

With Closely you can build a complete sales funnel that includes lead generation, automation, sending email sequences, and converting prospects into clients. It’s a complete solution for your lead generation needs.

In direct comparison to, where you receive data and need to strategize and implement for better conversion, Closely offers a different approach. With Closely, all you have to do is provide target criteria, and they will generate pre-qualified leads for you, ready to be converted into sales. This unique capability positions Closely as an out-of-the-box lead generation solution.

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#10. AnyBiz

AnyBiz is an AI-driven lead-generation platform and the best alternative to You can effectively increase ROI with AnyBiz AI. With AnyBiz you can fill your calendar with client meetings. Its AI automatically generates leads for given target criteria.

If your goal is to effortlessly schedule client appointments, AnyBiz AI is worth considering. They are currently offering early access to their platform, which can help you generate higher revenue and sales without any significant effort. It provide complete lead generation solution, you can consider AnyBiz as alternatives.

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#11. UpLead

UpLead is a B2B prospecting database platform that provides highly accurate data. UpLead offers B2B, technographic data that has 95% accuracy. It’s a perfect tool if you are looking for a B2B database. It has more than 108 million contact databases with complete details such as contact name, company name, job titles, website, email address, phone number, revenue, employees, technology, and more.

UpLead is a highly-rated lead intelligence platform compared to lacks data accuracy and takes time to pull out contact information. But in UpLead you will get direct access to 108 million contact information and can precisely filter according to your needs. Try UpLead as a alternatives.

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#12. is the most popular email finder tool that helps you connect with any professionals. For a very long time, is in the lead generation business. It’s another perfect alternative you can make use of. and offer similar features there is not much difference in the platform. In terms of pricing, provide a fair and reasonable pricing plan compared to

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Final Thoughts

Having explored various alternatives that provide advanced features and exceptional lead generation solutions, you have numerous options to consider. Now the decision of choosing the right solution for your business lies in your hands.