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Finding an email address of someone is challenging when you know whom to reach out to but lacking in finding an email address. Some of the prospect emails are easily available on Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and the member directory. But most of the prospect emails are not available online. For that, you have to rely on free email finder tools or access to contact databases.

There are a lot of free email finder tools available online that can help you find anyone’s email address. These tools are very useful when you need to find someone’s contact information but don’t have their name or phone number. To help you find email addresses, we have concluded a list of free email finder tools to find email addresses and build your email list in a much easier and more effective way.


1. Clearbit

Clearbit is an awesome tool to find the email address of any company. Clearbit chrome extension works with Gmail where you can search by domain or company name and you will get entire company contacts information. You can further filter it by departments like PR, HR, Marketing, Sales, Operation, etc. Useful for B2B companies for list building and lead generation. All the email addresses are verified and accurate.

Clearbit Pricing Plans

Clearbit provides 40 free credits per month and for the paid plan, you should connect with their sales team to know more.


2. SalesQL – Free Email Finder Tool

SalesQL is a LinkedIn prospecting tool, you can find out anyone’s personal, business email addresses and phone numbers. With this tool, you can find information on 1st, 2nd & 3rd+ LinkedIn connections. Install the SalesQL chrome extension and find an email address for free. While signing up use business email or LinkedIn because it doesn’t allow Gmail, Yahoo, or any personal email.

SalesQL Pricing Plans

SalesQL offers 100 free credits every month. And paid plans start at $39 per month that include 1,500 Credits and additional features like Personal and company phone numbers, Export contacts to CSV/Excel, and Integrations with third-party apps.


3. Kendo

Kendo is a Linkedin email finder tool, you can find prospect email addresses in seconds. Kendo chrome extension will help you to find anyone’s email address in Linkedin. It offers a Linkedin email finder, domain search, and free email verification tool.

Kendo Pricing Plans

  • Free plans include 100 free credits/ month for emails. Also, you will get 300 domain searches/ month and free verification.
  • Paid plan starts at $14 /month with 600 credits for emails. Additionally, you will get 750 domain searches/ month and free verification.


4. Sellhack

Sellhack is one of the best free email finder tools, it saves a lot of time for your sales team. Install Sellhack browser extension where you can find email addresses, build prospects lists, verify email addresses and phone numbers.

Sellhack Pricing Plans

In Sellhack get up to 10 FREE emails per month. Paid plans start at $19 for 350 emails per month.


5. Datanyze

Datanyze is one of the leading email finder tools, it provides the best quality of b2b contacts at an affordable price. With Datanyze chrome extension you will get accurate contact information including email address, phone number, and also get contact information from LinkedIn profiles and company websites.

Datanyze Pricing Plans

Datanyze provides 90 days free trial with 10 credits per month. And paid plans start at $39 per month with 1080 credits per year.


6. ContactOut

ContactOut will help you to find anyone’s email address and phone number. It has more than 1 billion vast databases and covers 75% of the world’s professionals. It also provides 99% of accuracy on contact details. It has a chrome extension to find contact details from Linkedin.

ContactOut Pricing Plans

ContactOut gives 10 credits in a free plan. Basic plans start at $39 per month. In that, you can access 500+ million email & phone numbers.


7. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a great email tool, easily find email addresses with chrome extension. Just type first name, last name, and domain to get the email address of prospects. Also, you can verify the list with this tool. Most useful for the sales team, business development, and recruiter to build a lead pipeline and reach out to prospects or candidates.

Voila Norbert Pricing Plans

Once you sign up you will get 50 free lead credits. Paid plans start at $49 / month and you can collect up to 1000 leads/month.


8. Find That Email

Find That Email is yellow pages of email. You can find anyone’s email address and also verify those email addresses with this tool. In Find That Email you can find email from any website and social networks like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It has the capability of finding emails in bulk, just using a list of companies or domains you will get all email addresses.

Find That Email Pricing Plans

  • Find That Email has a different pricing plan for finding emails and verifying emails. For finding emails it provides 50 free credits per month and paid plans start at $29 per month with 500 credits and a bulk email finding option.
  • For verifying only emails you will get 100 free credits per month and paid plans start at $29 per month with 1,500 verify credits.


9. Lusha

Lusha is a prospecting tool, you can find accurate B2B emails and phone numbers in seconds. Lusha chrome extension works in Linkedin, Gmail, and any B2B websites. You can easily save contacts in your CRM.

Lusha Pricing Plans

Lusha provides 5 free credits /month, in which you can find email and phone numbers. Paid plans start at $99/month that includes 100 credits, Export contacts, Prospecting options.


10. Hunter

Hunter is a leading email finding solution provider with a compatible chrome extension. It has mainly 4 products: Domain search,  Email finder, Author finder, and Email verifier. Easily find the email address of any professionals. With domain search you can comfortably identify all employees in that company and also you can filter further by departments.

Hunter Pricing Plans

Hunter’s free plan provides 25 searches and 50 verification/per month. And Paid plans start at $49 / month with 500 searches and 1000 verification.


11. Anymail Finder

Effortlessly find the email address of any company. You can search by job titles, prospect names, company names, and bulk search by uploading a company list. Also, verify email addresses without any obstacles. AnyMail Finder is useful for lead gen, business development, sales, and pr to reach out to prospects. It has 97% accuracy if you find any bad contact no need to pay for those.

Anymail Finder Pricing Plans

Anymail Finder’s free plan provides unlimited search and 90 verified emails. And paid plans start at $49 per month with unlimited search and 1000 verified emails.


12. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is a complete prospecting and lead Intelligence tool with many features. It provides company info, emails, phone numbers, social profiles, and more. With LeadFuze you can create a highly targeted list by using filters like Industry, Employees, Revenue, Ad Spend, Skill Search, New Partnerships, Technologies Used, and more. It is the most useful tool for salespeople, marketers, and recruiters.

LeadFuze Pricing Plans

LeadFuze gives you 25 lead credits for free. Try free credits and create a list of your target market. Paid plans start at $132.30/mo with 500 credits. Features include unlimited lists, Account-Based Search, Market Based Search, Fuzebot Automation.


13. Rocketreach

Rocketreach offers real-time data, you can access 450 million databases across 17 million companies. Make use of advanced search, chrome extension to find the right person’s email address with ease.

Rocketreach Pricing Plans

Rocketreach offers 3 free credits for a month. And the paid plan starts at $59 per month with 125 credits.


14. is one of the easiest email-finding tools. With the chrome extension, you can find email addresses on any website. It offers on-stop solutions starting from lead generation, email verification, email sending, email finding, drip campaigns, and more. Email finding tool will help to collect leads and grow your business. Pricing Plans provides 50 credits for free per month. And paid plan starts at $33 per month with 1000 credits, sends emails up to 5000 recipients, and has unlimited users.


15. eMail-Prospector Pro

eGrabber eMail-Prospector Pro is one of the best free email finder tools to find b2b email addresses. This tool is built for lead generation, sales, and marketing teams. With the help of the eMail-Prospector tool, you can find key decision-makers email addresses and phone numbers.

eMail-Prospector Pro Pricing Plans

eMail-Prospector Pro offers a free trial for 7 days or 50 find email or phone numbers whichever is earlier. For Paid plan, you can contact their sales team.


16. Finder Expert

Finder Expert is a real expert in finding email addresses and contact details. You can use Finder Expert to find an email address from Google, Linkedin, and Twitter. Also, you can find emails by name. Its chrome extension will help you to get leads easily and save a lot of time.

Finder Expert Pricing Plans

Finder Expert offers 300 checks every month and up to 2000 contact lookups for free. Paid plan starts at $39 per month with 500 credits and free verified emails.


17. FindThatLead 

FindThatLead provides a google chrome extension to find verified emails. You can find emails from LinkedIn, Google, or any website within a few seconds. Apart from that, you use it to send emails, verify emails, search-based domains, or countries. This is the perfect tool for lead generation and prospecting.

FindThatLead Pricing Plans

Paid plan starts at $49 per month with 5000 credits, offers 2 campaigns, and sends up to 400 emails a day.



As the name says this is another email finding and verification tool. You can quickly connect with decision makers in your target market. You can search by company name and role to find the right prospects. Using FindEmails chrome extension you can easily find contacts and build lists for lead generation. Pricing Plans

In the free plan, you will get 50 leads for free. Basic plans start at $29 per month with 1,000 Credits and bulk import and export.


19. Email extract

Email extract chrome extension collects target emails from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and any web page without effort. Email extract finds email addresses in search engines and collects email ids. This is the easiest and effortless tool to collect email addresses from any page. You can collect emails while surfing the web.

Email extract Pricing Plans

In the free version, you can download only the last searched 50 emails. And Paid plans start at $19 with unlimited download.


20. Prospect Role

With the help of Prospect Role you can comfortably create a prospects list. Best use for the cold campaign, LinkedIn outreach, and recruiter to find candidates’ emails.

Prospect Role Pricing Plans

Right now Prospect Role is completely free with the features like CSV, Excel export, LinkedIn role search.


21. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI allows you to find cell numbers, business email addresses, and personal email addresses from social media profiles. Build an accurate contact database with Swordfish AI chrome extension without spending too much time.

Swordfish AI Pricing Plans

Swordfish AI offers 5 free credits to test databases. Paid plans start at approx $90 per month including all features.


22. Improver

Improver is another super email finder tool to find personal emails and phone numbers. With the help of the Improver chrome extension, you can collect emails and phone numbers from Linkedin.

Improver Pricing Plans

Improver free plan provides 10 credits per month. And Paid plans start at $15 per month with 50 credits.


23. Kaspr

Kaspr is another email and phone number finder tool. With just one click you will get real-time data from Linkedin. You can also automate your Linkedin prospecting with this tool. Useful for Sales, Marketer, Recruiter, and Growth Hacker.

Kaspr Pricing Plans

Kaspr provides 25 free credits to test data. And Paid plans start at €30/Month which includes 50 credits, contact search, contact management, exporting contacts, and more. 



Through you can find anyone’s email address on earth. It’s a magical email lookup tool to find emails easily and quickly. Pricing Plans free plan provides 10 credits per month. And Paid plan starts at $49/Month that includes 300 Credits, CSV download, API access, and support.


25. Hiretual

Hiretual is basically a candidate sourcing platform. Through this, you can find the email addresses of candidates and also find additional details like experience, seniority level, and compensation range.

Hiretual Pricing Plans

Hiretual provides a free plan with 25 candidates per search and 3 contacts per day. Paid plans start at $49 per month with 70 candidates per search, 1200 contacts exports per year, and bulk email outreach.



By using the above tools you can find anyone’s email address. Every email finder tool listed in this list is unique in its own way. Some provide an immediate response to the query, some of them provide accurate and quality emails and contact details, some of them offer more free credits and some of them have a really huge database for each search you will get results.

Don’t try all extensions at once. Try one extension per day so you will understand the tool and will get more benefits out of it. Try all the above tools and experiment, keep the tools that you liked the most. If you utilize free credits of each tool effectively you can easily build 5000 to 6000 contacts databases per month without spending a penny. Apart from these tools if you are using any other email-finding tool then please comment below.