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Are you looking for alternatives? is a great email finder and lead generation tool. You can easily find a professional email address and connect with your target audience. But does not offer an email address accuracy guarantee and sometimes you will not get results for your query. There are many other reasons customers quit and search for better alternatives or competitors.

If you are looking for the best alternatives to then you are in the right place. We have listed the 15 best alternatives. Each lead generation tool has its own uniqueness and benefits. Just try all the alternative options and then decide which is the perfect fit for your business.

While searching for better email finder or lead generation tools, people are concerned about pricing and features. Most of the customers looking for cheaper pricing options compare to So let’s look into a comparison between pricing vs. competitor’s pricing.


Comparison between pricing VS competitor’s pricing?

Email Finder Software Starting Price Free Trial Free Plan $49/Mo, Find up to 500 contacts Yes 25 Credits/ Month
SalesQL $39/Mo, Find up to 1500 contacts Yes 100 Credits/ Month
Kendo Email $29/Mo, Find up to1500 contacts Yes 50 Credits/Month
PipeLeads $29.95/Mo, Find up to 1,250 contacts Yes 50 Credits/Month $33/Mo, Find up to 1000 contacts Yes 50 Credits/Month
ProspectDaddy $59/Mo, Find up to 5000 contacts Yes 100 Contacts/Month
Lusha $35/Mo, Find up to 840 contacts Yes 5 Credits/Month $49/Mo, Find up to 300 contacts Yes 10 Credits/Month
Wiza $50/Mo, Find up to 250 contacts Yes 25 Contacts/Month $39/Mo, Find up to 1000 contacts Yes 50 Credits/Month $29/Mo, Find up to 1000 contacts 7 Days 25 Contacts/Month
Find That Email $29/Mo, Find up to 500 contacts Yes 50 Credits/Month
Anymail Finder $49/Mo, Find up to 1000 contacts Yes 20 Contacts/Month
ContactOut $99/Mo, Find up to 300 contacts Yes 50 Contacts/Month
GrowMeOrganic $39/Mo, Find up to 2000 contacts 14 Days Not Specified
NinjaOutreach $155/Mo, Find up to 1000 contacts 7 days Not Specified


15 Best Alternatives

To help you pick the best alternatives that fulfill your requirements and fit your budget, we’ve reviewed 15 of the best email finder tools. You can compare their features and prices side by side and select the perfect email finding tool that fits your business.

We have used many email finder tools. After reviewing the features, pros, and cons of each email finder tool, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the best alternatives.

1. SalesQL

SalesQL is a top-rated LinkedIn prospecting tool, you can effortlessly find emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles. Create a targeted email list with SalesQL and reach out to prospects to meet your sales goals. Boost your productivity by using simple and fast email finder tools. Since provides inaccurate emails and does not work on LinkedIn. SalesQL is the strongest alternative and competitor.

SalesQL offers top-class features and accuracy. 20,000 companies trust SalesQL to reach out to their target audience. SalesQL chrome extension is easy to use that finds the email and phone numbers of prospects on Linkedin.

SalesQL Dashboard

Best Features of SalesQL

  • Best email finding tool
  • Build accurate lead lists
  • Manage your leads effortlessly
  • Quickly get the email and phone numbers of prospects
  • Smoothly integrate with apps including the CRM, outreach, and productivity tools
  • Transform LinkedIn profiles into email lists
  • Get more than 40+ data points per contact
  • Works seamlessly with all LinkedIn versions (LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter profiles)
  • Support bulk extraction from lead lists and pipelines


SalesQL Pricing Plans

SalesQL offers a simple and straightforward pricing plan.

Free Plan: A free plan comes with 100 credits per month that you can use to find 100 emails. Whereas offer only 25 credits that are not enough to find relevant prospects.

Paid Plan: Salesql paid plan starts at $39/month that includes 1500 credits and additional features like

  • Contacts Manager
  • Direct & Company Emails
  • Direct & Company Phones
  • Export Contacts to CSV/Excel
  • Integrations with apps

If you need more credits then you can go for higher plans. Still, have any doubts about SalesQL? Read detailed SalesQL review.


2. Kendo Email App

Kendo is an outstanding email finder tool that works on LinkedIn. Find the email and phone number of prospects with just one click. Connect with your ideal prospects and generate higher revenue for your business.

Kendo has an extensive database of around 150 million contacts, 85 million email address, and 25 million phone numbers. Over 60,000 customers use Kendo to find ideal prospects contact details. Kendo is the best alternative in terms of cost.


Best Features of Kendo

  • Get contact details of prospects faster
  • Get access to the most accurate contact database
  • Payless and forever free plan
  • Offer real-time verified contact details
  • Sync contacts with your CRM/ATS automatically
  • Find bulk emails by just uploading the list
  • Search leads by company name


Kendo Pricing Plans

Kendo offers a flexible and reasonable pricing plan that fits small to large organizations.

Free Plan: Kendo free plan comes with 50 credits per month. You will get access to all the features except phone numbers. Just signup and get the free credits.

Paid Plan: Kendo’s paid plan starts at 34$/month which includes 1,500 credits. And get access to all the features like

  • Find personal/corporate emails
  • Find phone numbers
  • Bulk lookups
  • Premium support
  • 3 additional team members

Still, have any confusion on Kendo? Read the complete Kendo review.


3. PipeLeads

PipeLeads is an effective email finding tool that helps you get verified prospects’ email addresses. Search verified email address on LinkedIn and build a prospects list in seconds. Pipileads chrome extension smoothly works on LinkedIn and gets you relevant business contact information.

Apart from LinkedIn, Pipeleads chrome extension also works on Facebook, Twitter, and Github. Make use of PipeLeads to create a target email list. Pipeleads is a tough competition for and offers many features that you will miss on


Best Features of PipeLeads

  • Search and build potential customer lists
  • Find the email address of a single person or bulk from a list
  • Upload the email list and verify its validity
  • Seamlessly collaborate with your team
  • Search email through domain
  • Effortlessly search emails on social media
  • Find prospects using filters like job titles, country, industry, employee size, and more.


PipeLeads Pricing Plans

PipeLeads offer multiple pricing plans, choose a plan that is suitable for your business.

Free Plan: A PipeLeads free plan comes with 50 credits per month. You can use it to find prospects emails address.

Paid Plan: PipeLeads paid plan starts at $9.95/month which includes 250 credits and all features. You can go for a higher plan based on your requirement.

Here is the PipeLeads review to understand its pros and cons.


4. is the most popular lead generation tool that offers multiple solutions to grow your business. offer tools like email finder, email verifier, technology checker, email warm-up, sales CRM, drip campaign, and more. use the most advanced technology to find leads quickly. Best leads generation tool for sales, business development, lead generation, outreach, and recruitment professionals.

There is no comparison between and is a more advanced tool that offers a complete lead generation solution whereas offer only email finding solution. is trusted by 150,000 reputed companies across the globe.

Best Features of

  • Discover more leads and fill your sales pipeline
  • Make use of automated outreach and improve lead engagements
  • Identify specific technology users
  • Integrate with your favorite apps
  • Collect emails with Boolean search
  • Get verified emails address of prospects Pricing Plans offer an exciting pricing plan that fits every business.

Free Plan: Start using for free which provides 50 credits per month to find leads from anywhere.

Paid Plan:’s paid plan starts at $33/month which includes 1000 credits, 5000 unique recipients, CRM functionality, and unlimited users. Discover more on here.


5. ProspectDaddy

ProspectDaddy is an outstanding free email finding tool that works on LinkedIn and Gmail. Use ProspectDaddy to build a prospecting list and reach out to relevant audiences.

ProspectDaddy is the best and most effective alternative that offers unique features to build a target list. Spend less time finding new leads and focus more on growing business.


Best Features of ProspectDaddy

  • Easily search business emails in your Gmail account
  • Effortlessly find leads on LinkedIn
  • Download outreach-ready prospect lists
  • Seamlessly add a prospects list for your outreach campaign


ProspectDaddy Pricing Plans

ProspectDaddy is a product of If you have an account in then ProspectDaddy is entirely free for you. You can easily extract 5000 contacts per month by using

If you don’t have an account in, you can use the ProspectDaddy chrome extension that allows you to extract 100 contacts per month for free.


6. Lusha

Lusha is another superb lead generation tool that helps you to find the right decision-makers. Lusha chrome extension works on any website and gets the email and phone numbers of prospects. Lusha offers accurate dials and emails to connect your audience quickly.

Lusha chrome extension is used by more than 800,000 sales professionals. One of the best prospecting tools available in the market. Lusha is trusted by 280,000+ companies to build an effective sales pipeline and reach their revenue goals. It offers the most accurate b2b prospect database that helps you to reach out to more customers.

Lusha is a more powerful prospecting tools compare to Just try using Lusha you will feel the differences.


Best Features of Lusha

  • Get laser-focused lists
  • Easily build precise lists using advanced search filters
  • Offer the most accurate B2B Company and contact data
  • Find contact data on the web
  • Push lists to your favorite tool and enrich it with actionable data in one click
  • Reach your prospects on the phone with 50M+ direct dials


Lusha Pricing Plans

Lusha offers an expensive pricing plan compared to competitors. But you can reach millions of accurate prospects with Lusha.

Free Plan: Lusha’s free plan offers only 5 credits/ month. That is very limited to exploring Lusha features.

Paid Plans: Lusha’s paid plan starts at $276/ year. In that, you will get 480 credits and attractive features like list management, bulk export, feasible Integration, credit management, API, and more.


7. is another alternative to can find email address from any website. Manually finding an email address takes at least 5 minutes but in you can find an email address within a second.

The world’s best companies use to full fill their lead pipeline. Your team can save a huge amount of time by using the email finder.

Best features of

  • Find email address from any website
  • Increase your productivity
  • Simple and efficient email finder
  • Easily find emails by using the domain name
  • Get an accurate and valid email address
  • Download leads in CSV format Pricing Plans offer competitive pricing plans.

Free plan: free plan offers only 10 credits per month. You can make use of free credits to test accuracy and functionality.

Paid Plan: paid plan starts at $49/ month that offers 300 credits, API access, email support, and more.


8. Wiza

Wiza can allow you to extract prospects from LinkedIn in bulk and build an accurate prospects list. Wiza works on a LinkedIn sales navigator and gets the email and phone numbers of prospects. Wiza is one of the best LinkedIn email finder tools and an alternative to

Wiza is trusted by 30000+ clients to scale their business and drive higher revenue. It is the best-rated software in G2 and Chrome stores. Wiza is the #1 LinkedIn email finder tool that has an extensive database of 120 million b2b professionals and 60 million mobile numbers.


Best features of Wiza

  • Offers real-time data
  • Export up to 2,500 leads at once from LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Seamlessly extract emails from LinkedIn in bulk
  • Find valid work emails, along with personal emails
  • Find accurate mobile numbers and direct dials
  • Easy integration with Outreach and Salesloft


Wiza Pricing Plans

Wiza provides a flexible and cost-effective pricing plan.

Free Plan: Wiza offers 20 credits for free with limited features.

Paid Plan: Wiza’s paid plan starts at $30 per month. In that, you will get 75 email credits and other basic features. Choose a plan according to your requirements. There are multiple plans available in Wiza.

Read full detailed Wiza Review here.



With find a verified business email address on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. is the best alternative. Quickly find the email address of prospects and enhance your sales with a cold outreach campaign. is trusted by 200,000+ professionals and is the best-rated app in the chrome store. Few of the clients are IBM, Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

Best features of

  • The easiest way to find emails
  • Highest data accuracy
  • Data enrichment
  • Get synchronized with CRM, ESPs, and other apps
  • Use a bulk email finder to extract data at once
  • Verify email address for a better email delivery rate
  • Email Lookup to find accurate email format
  • Quick and reliable support Pricing Plans offer a flexible pricing option that is suitable for all business. You can upgrade and downgrade plans based on requirements.

Free Plan: free plan offers 50 credits every month. Signup and enjoy the free credits.

Paid Plan: paid pricing plan starts at $39 / month. In that, you will get 1000 emails and 2 user access.


10. is a search engine for an email address. You can find any emails from a domain, LinkedIn, name, and company. Also, find the personal email address of your audience. perfect fit for salespeople to reach a larger audience. has an extensive database of 400 million business contacts and 20 million companies. Trusted by 50000 sales professionals and reputed companies. One of the best alternatives for

Best Features of

  • Offer 81% of accuracy on emails
  • Comfortably find a personal and professional email address
  • Complete GDPR and CCPA Compliant
  • Simple to use the chrome plugin
  • 100% risk-free and money-back guarantee Pricing Plans compatible pricing plan that is ready to scale your business.

Free Plans: provides a 7-day free trial, in which you will get 100 credits.

Paid Plans: paid plans start at $29/ month, in that you will get 1000 credits and other features.


11. Find That Email

Find That Email is a powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable online email finder. A must-have tool for business development, sales, and marketing professionals. Discover leads on any website and builds a sales pipeline within a fraction of time. Find That Email is one of the strongest competitions for email finder.

FindThatEmail is trusted by the world’s top companies to grow their lead pipeline. You can use FindThatEmail not only to find emails but also to verify email address to get the best delivery rate.

Find That Email

Best features of Find That Email

  • Find and verified the email address
  • Make use of API to find emails effortlessly
  • Extract leads from any webpages
  • Use FindThatEmail chrome extension
  • Finds leads from social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • Offer 98% accuracy
  • Verify email address and ensure the highest email delivery


Find That Email Pricing Plans

Pricing is the most important factor before buying any tools. Find That Email offers an impressive pricing plan that matches your requirement.

Free Plan: Find That Email provides 50 credits for free and 1 user access.

Paid Plan: Find That Email paid plan starts at $29/month, which includes 500 credits, bulk email find, integration, and more.


12. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is an accurate and efficient email finding platform. Anymail Finder is another powerful alternative that helps to find a verified email address for your b2b outreach. It works on the LinkedIn group and Sales Navigator.

Anymail Finder

Best features of Anymail Finder

  • Upload bulk prospect list and find their email address
  • Very productive email finder
  • Get verified email address of prospects
  • Offer API service to get information faster
  • Easy to use Anymail Finder chrome extension
  • Generate high-quality leads


Anymail Finder Pricing Plans

Anymail Finder offers budget-friendly pricing plans that any business can afford.

Free Plan: Anyemail finder offers 20 credits for free. You can sign up and start using a free trial.

Paid Plan: Anyemail finder paid plans start at $49/ month. In that, you can extract 1000 emails/month and the plan can be shared with an unlimited team member.


13. ContactOut

ContactOut allow you to find the email and phone number of prospects instantly. Build a leads list quickly and start reaching your target audience. ContactOut is a budget-friendly alternative to A useful tool for recruiters, sales, and marketing professionals.

ContactOut is trusted by fortune 500 companies that include PWC, Microsoft, Warner media, yelp, Google, Nestle, J.P Morgan, Merck, and more. Compare to, ContactOut is the better option available in the market.


Best features of ContactOut

  • Offer the most accurate data
  • Instantly find email & phone from your LinkedIn profile
  • Save profile and export leads in a spreadsheet
  • Enrich lists of LinkedIn profile URLs in bulk
  • Send emails while searching on LinkedIn
  • Unlimited searches and discover the right prospects


ContactOut Pricing plans

ContactOut offers a reasonable and affordable pricing plan that is suitable for a start-up to fortune 500 organizations.

Free Plan: In ContactOut free plan you get 40 contacts for free that works on standard LinkedIn.

Paid Plan: ContactOut paid plans start at $29/ month. In that, you can extract 1200 emails/ month. But it works on standard LinkedIn only. If you want to use LinkedIn Recruiter Lite or Sales Navigator then you should go for a higher plan that cost you $99/ month.


14. GrowMeOrganic

GrowMeOrganic is a free email finder and sales automation platform. It offers a complete solution for sales reps, marketers, and startups to enhance their outbound reach. Find the unlimited contact information of prospects and send personalized emails with the GrowMeOrganic sales automation platform.

GrowMeOrganic is a reputed prospecting platform that allows you to access 15M+ Companies and 575M+ professionals across the globe. GrowMeOrganic is the direct replacement of because both tools offer similar features and accuracy.


Best features of GrowMeOrganic

  • LinkedIn prospecting tools
  • Find emails by using prospects names and company
  • Email validation to clean your list
  • Extract B2c contacts from Google my business
  • Send automated follow-ups
  • Web scraper to find emails from any website


GrowMeOrganic Pricing Plans

GrowMeOrganic offer unlimited credits and an affordable pricing plan.

Free Plan: GrowMeOrganic provides a 14-day free trial. In that, you can explore the capability of GrowMeOrganic.

Paid Plan: GrowMeOrganic paid plan starts at $39/month, which includes 2k contact exports/mo, 5k Emails sent/mo, 2k Enriched leads/mo, 1 user access, and more. Go for an unlimited plan that cost around $79/ month and get unlimited features.

Read GrowMeOrganic review here.


15. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is not in direct competition with But it offers much more features than NinjaOutreach is an email finder that finds emails of influencers on Instagram and YouTube. It is a useful tool for those who want to reach out to Instagram and YouTube influencers based on their target audience.

Just type your keyword and connect with your influencer based on their niche audience. Influencers already have a relevant audience by reaching them you can enhance your reach and get more traffic to your website. NinjaOutreach is an influencer marketing tool for startups, agencies, link-building professionals, and SAAS-based companies.


Best features of NinjaOutreach

  • Free influencer marketing tools
  • Find Instagram influencer contacts
  • Find YouTube influencer contacts
  • Offer a massive influencer database
  • Manage influencer marketing outreach campaign
  • Build backlinks by reaching influencers
  • Easy integration with CRM and email marketing platform


NinjaOutreach Pricing Plans

NinjaOutreach offers an aggressive pricing plan that is suitable for influencer marketing professionals.

Free Plan: NinjaOutreach offers a 7days free trial. In that, you can explore lot more features.

Paid Plan: NinjaOutreach’s paid plan starts at $155/ month. In that, you will get 1,000 influencer contacts and send up to 10,000 emails/month.



There are many alternatives for But we have mentioned only the best alternatives by reviewing each product’s features and ease of use. Email finding software is a competitive marketplace. Every day new competitor arrives in this potential market.

It’s very challenging for customers to choose the right email finding software. That’s why this alternatives list will help you to choose the right tool for your growing business. All email finding tools mentioned in this article are free. Just try using it for free and write down your comment below.