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PipiLeads Review

PipiLeads is a list building tool that helps to find out verified B2C and B2B email address of any target audience. You can use this tool to find out anyone’s email address effortlessly. PipiLeads deployed cutting edge technology to identify the exact email address of your target audience.

PipiLeads is one of the best email finding tool. It offers a free chrome extension that is capable of finding email address from any LinkedIn profile instantly. Either you can find the email address of a single person or bulk by uploading a list.


How PipiLeads works with LinkedIn?

PipleLeads works in the free LinkedIn account as well as in paid LinkedIn account type Premium Business, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite. There is two easy steps.

  • First, add PipleLeads LinkedIn email finder chrome extension in the browser.
  • Second, signup and start finding the verified email address of your target audience.


Pipileads Product and Features

  • Email Finder

Email Finder is a useful feature to find email address. If you have a list of contact names and company names and want to find only an email address then the email finder will help you to get a verified email address. Either you can search one by one or upload a list to find bulk emails.


  • Social Search

Social search is another product of Pipileads that is capable of finding email address from social media. It supports all popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github, etc.

Just you have to paste the social media profile link in the search bar, instantly you will get the verified email address of your prospects. It also provides the bulk option to find emails from social media.


  • Email Verifier

Pipileads also offer an email verification service. You can easily verify email address in the email verifier and get accurate results.

It is good to have updated and verified email address of your target prospects to run an effective email marketing campaign. Invalid, bounced and outdated emails reduce campaign performance, so always verify the email address with email verification tools.


  • PipiLeads Chrome Extension

Pipileads provides the most effective and powerful chrome extension to find email address from LinkedIn. It’s free to use chrome extension that gives accurate and desirable results.


PipiLeads Pricing and Plans Reviews

PipiLeads offers the most competitive pricing plans with advance features. Choose a plan based on your requirement.

  • Free Plan – You can always start with a free plan which gives 50 credits every month and explore all the features. No credit or debit card is required to start a free plan. 
  • Bronze Plan – It will cost you $9.95 /month with 250 credits including all the features. In 250 credits you can find 250 emails per month. Only one user can access it at a time. 
  • Silver Plan – It will cost you $14.95/month with 500 credits including all the features. In 500 credits you can find 500 emails per month. Only one user can access it at a time. 
  • Gold Plan – It will cost you $29.95/month with 1250 credits including all the features. In 1250 credits you can find 1250 emails per month. 3 users can access at a time. 
  • Platinum Plan – It will cost you $49.95/month with 2500 credits including all the features. In 2500 credits you can find 2500 emails per month. 5 users can access at a time.

Pipileads pricing

If you need more than 2500 credits then contact PipiLeads sales team.


PipiLeads Pros and Cons


  • Fast and reliable LinkedIn email finder
  • Provides verified email address
  • No generated or guessed email addresses
  • No display for invalid email Ids
  • Download lists in CSV or XLS format.
  • No duplicate records
  • Easy to use chrome extension
  • Offer 50 free credits once you signup
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Do not provide phone numbers
  • Browser extension is not available for Firefox, Opera, and other browsers.

Apart from these two points, there is no any other drawback of using PipiLeads.


Is PipiLeads the right tool for your business?

PipiLeads is suitable for any business either B2b or B2C. If you want to build a contact list of your target audience then PipiLeads is the perfect tool to find contacts details of your audience. Its chrome extension works well with LinkedIn free and paid accounts. PipiLeads are mainly used by the following professionals.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Demand and Lead Generation
  • Business development
  • Recruiters / Talent Acquisition (HR)
  • Business owners/entrepreneurs/founders
  • Executives / Top Management Professionals


Final PipiLeads Reviews and Rating

PipiLeads Rating


PipiLeads Alternatives and Competitors