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What is a GMass email verifier?

As the name suggests GMass email verifier is a free email extractor and bulk email verification tool. It is one of the GMass products that works with Gmail to schedule emails, send mail merge and mass emails, follow-up campaigns, track performance of emails, and more. GMass also offer a couple of more product such as an email deliverability tester, SMTP testing tool, free email warm-up service, free link checker for HTML, and more.

GMass email verifier is the best email verification tool if you are looking to verify email addresses for free. There is no restriction and hidden cost involved in the tool.


GMass Email Verifier Features

  • Free email verification tool
  • Extract emails for free
  • Verify up to 10,000 emails at once
  • 95% email deliverability
  • Simple and easy to use platform
  • Provides complete verification results


How to use GMass verifier for bulk email verification?

GMass verifier can be used in two ways.

  • To extract emails
  • To verify emails


To extract the email address

First step, open the GMass verifier in the browser and just put all the collected email addresses or content in the below box. After that click on the “Find the email address” button. You will get extracted emails in a few seconds.

GMass Verify

If you just wanted to extract emails then click on “Copy these address” and paste it in your excel sheet then you can use it for your campaign.

Gmass Extract


To verify email address

Second step, verify the email address by just click on “Verify these address”. Then verification process will start and it will verify all the email addresses in a few minutes.

After that, you will get complete verification reports that include Valid, Invalid, Blocked, Error, Connection failure, No MX record, and Unknown. Just copy the email address in your excel file and keep only a valid email address to reduce bounce rate and increase email deliverability.

GMass verify proof

Once you start using the GMass verifier you can expect less than 5% bounce rate. Free GMass bulk email verifier will help you to get the highest email delivery rate and improve your sender reputation. It is a great email verification tool these features are rarely available in other competitors.

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