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As a crucial part of your email marketing success, cleaning your list is very important. But when you search for bulk email validation tools, you will get more than hundred paid tools and it’s difficult to choose any one of them. In this article, I have listed the best free email validation tools and software to clean up your email list efficiently and effectively.

Email validation and verification tools do the following check:

  • Email Address Syntax Check
  • Spam Trap Check
  • Disposable Email Address Check
  • Role-based Account Check
  • Detecting DNSBL or RBL to blacklist
  • Domain/MX Records Check

Cleaning the email list periodically will help you to get the best results from your email marketing campaigns. Removing unwanted bad emails and inactive contacts will help you to improve deliverability as well as domain reputation. Don’t ignore this important step, always follow the email marketing best practices.

Here are the Best Free Bulk Email Validation Tools and Software


1. GMass Email Extractor and Verifier

GMass is basically a mail merge and mass email solution provider for Gmail. It provides extraordinary features that help your sales team to send an email, follow up, track lead status, and autopilot complete sales communication. Along with this one of the best tools it offers is an email extractor and verifier for free of cost. It’s completely free you can extract email and verify as much as you want. There are other GMass products that will help you to do effective email marketing.

  • Inbox, Spam, and Promotion
  • Email Tester
  • Domain Statics
  • Deliverability  portal
  • SMTP Service
  • Email Verifier
  • SMTP Tester
  • Link Checker
  • Free Email Warmup

Pricing Plans

GMass Chrome extension is free, with no cost for verifying emails. But if you need a complete email marketing solution for Gmail you can use Gmass with a minimal cost of 12.95 $ / month with additional features and unlimited usage.


2. H-Supertools Email Verification Tool

H-Supertools provides a free email verification tool. On the web platform, you can easily verify 200 emails/ Per day with an accuracy of 98%. If you want to verify more than 200 emails or in bulk, you can download H-Supertools validation software on your desktop and verify unlimited emails/ per day. This verifier checks 3 levels (Syntax, Domain, Mailbox) and provides high accuracy. Apart from the email verification tools it also provides an email sending tool and digital marketing tools that are also 100% free.


3. QuickEmailVerification

With QuickEmailVerification you can reduce bounce rate, improve email deliverability and campaign performance. You can verify 100 emails daily by uploading a list on this platform. QuickEmailVerification is reliable and offers the best email validation and cleaning service. It is an affordable and cost-effective email verifier compares to any other email verification platform. If you want to check a single email, you can use the free tool.

There are also Free Postmaster Tools that help you to check SPF, DKIM, DMARC records and analyze. 

Pricing Plans

QuickEmailVerification offers Freemium that gives 100 credits for free and a Premium plan has two pricing models, one-time and daily
verification service.

  • One-time plan will cost you $8 for 1000 emails
  • Daily plan will cost you $ 50 /month for 1000 emails per day


4. – Free Email Checker is a free online email verifier, here you can check one by one emails.


5. Bouncer – Email List Verification

Maximize the impact of your email marketing with the Bouncer email verification tool. Once you sign up you can verify up to 100 emails for free. You will get 99.5% accuracy on the results. You can also verify a single email address without sign up.

Pricing Plans

Paid plans offer $20 for 10,000 email verification but it only checks syntax. There are other subscriptions plans that offer complete features.


6. ClearOut – Email finder and Email Validation Tool

ClearOut is an instant and highly rated email validator. Verify and clean your list in real-time. Offer 98% accuracy on deliverability. ClearOut easily detects spam traps, honey traps, invalid emails, abuse emails, greylisting and catch-all domains. Also provides 100 credits for free email validation.

Pricing Plans

ClearOut offers free 100 credits that you can use for verifying email or to find out the email address. And paid plan starts at $21 for 3000 credits. 1 credit equals 1 email validation.


7. AeroLeads – Email Verifier

AeroLeads is mainly an email and phone number finder software. It can find email and phone numbers from Linkedin, CrunchBase, AngelList, and Xing in just one click. AeroLeads also provide a free email validation service online. You can verifier email by just pasting the email address in the verification bar, it will check domain, valid format, MX record, SMTP server check, and provide you with the valid email address.

Pricing Plans

AeroLeads is completely free for validation services. But if you are looking for an email and phone number finder software then it costs $49 for 1000 credits.


8. Verifalia Free Email Checker

Verifalia offers an email validation solution that can clean your list quickly and easily. It checks syntax validation, domain / MX / DNS, mailbox exists, spam traps, and role-based emails. In Verifalia you have to verify one by one email address. It will take a longer time if you want to verify 500 emails. But if you create Verifalia account you can easily upload a bulk email list and verify.

Pricing Plans

In Verifalia you can verify up to 25 emails per/day for free. Paid plan starts at $9 per month and verifies up to 250 emails per/day.


9. DeBounce – Bulk Email Validation Tool

DeBounce is one of the best tools to verify email addresses fast and accurately. It will completely purge bounce, disposable, spam-trap, and deactivated emails. You can easily integrate with Hubspot, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, Salesforce, ConvertKit, SendGrid, and many other platforms.

Pricing Plans

In DeBounce once you signup you will get 100 credits and you can use it to verify 100 emails for free. Paid Plan starts at $10 you can verify up to 5000 emails. There are flexible pricing plans you can decide on based on your requirement.


10. NeverBounce – Free Verification Tool

NeverBounce provides real-time email validation and email cleaning solution. It offers 99.9% guaranteed accuracy on your email list and you can integrate with 85 plus email marketing platforms. It has a very less turnaround time you can verify 10,000 emails in just 3 minutes.

Pricing Plans

NeverBounce free plan offers 100 credits for free and Paid plan starts at $65 for 10,000 credits.


11. ZeroBounce – Bulk Email Validation Tool

ZeroBounce is the most popular email validation tool. You can verify 100 emails per month for free. And it provides accurate, fast, and secure services. The accuracy of this tool is more than 98%. You can easily connect with most of the marketing tools and automate your workflows.

Pricing Plans

ZeroBounce offers 100 email validation for free per month. And paid plan starts at $16 for 2000 emails validation with all features.


12. Pabbly Email Verification

Pabbly is one of the best email verification tools in the market. It provides more accurate and valid email verification services. It will check invalid syntax, domain confirmation, email complaints, duplicate email, anti-greylisting, and MTA Validation.

Pricing Plans

Pabbly offer 14 days free trial, you can access all the feature. And Paid plan you can buy credits depends on your list size. Usually, it charges $5 for 1000 emails.


13. Proofy

Proofy is one of the bulk email verification software, every month you can verify 100 emails in bulk. It will help you to save sender reputation, remove hard bounce, duplicates, spam traps, and assure the accuracy of 98.5% and more.

Pricing Plans

Proofy provides 100 emails per month for free. And paid plan starts at $16 for 5000 emails verification.


14. MyEmailVerifier

MyEmailVerifier is one of the cheapest email verification tools that provides facilities to remove spam traps, fake emails, invalid emails, and identify disabled users. You can also integrate with email marketing tools and automatically it will clean your list without wasting time. 

Pricing Plans

MyEmailVerifier free plan provides 100 credits for free and paid plans start at $2.88 for 1000 emails validation.


15. EmailListVerify – Email Checker Tool

EmailListVerify is a full-featured email verification software that provides an accurate, affordable, and reliable solution. It offers free 100 credits once you create an account. It also ensures 99% accuracy and effortlessly integration with your favorite email providers.

Pricing Plans

EmailListVerify offers a flexible plan that makes it affordable. 

  • Pay as you go: You can verify 5,000 emails at $15
  • Monthly Subscription: You can verify 5,000 emails/day at $139.



Email verification is an important process of email marketing. Email verification ensures list hygiene, improves deliverability, domain reputation, and inbox placement that results in higher ROI. All the tools listed in this article are equally capable of delivering accurate results. 

There are 2 to 3 email verification tools offer completely free including bulk email verification. But most of them offer free with a certain limit like 100 emails/ month, single email checker, etc. So choose an email validation tool based on your requirement. 

So I recommend try using GMass, H-super tools, and MyEmailVerifier for bulk email validation. If you looking for one-by-one or single email verification then you can use and Bouncer.