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MyEmailVerifier Overview

MyEmailVerifier is a powerful and highly accurate email verification software. It is one of the best and cheapest email validation service providers in the industry. With MyEmailVerifier you can easily remove spam traps, junk emails, reduce bounce rates and reach out to more customers’ inboxes.

MyEmailVerifier offers 99% email deliverability guarantee. It will keep your email list clean by removing Hard bounce, Syntax error, No MX records, Role-based emails, Greylisted domains, Spam traps, and other invalid email addresses.

MyEmailVerifier is trusted by more than 28000 users. Some of the major clients are ApTask, CoFood, Ascend Medical, CARGGO, CoinManager, CompleteAdvisors, BikeNinja, Biognosys, Clarisity, Barcelo Hotel Group, and more. Try using MyEmailVerifier for free with 500 credits.


Why you should choose MyEmailVerifier?

MyEmailVerifier is a user-friendly and effective email verification, email validation, email verifier, or email checker platform that helps you to remove invalid email addresses and improve email deliverability.


  • Cost-effective and affordable pricing
  • High accuracy around 99%
  • Ease of Use
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Detects disabled users emails like Yahoo/AOL
  • Avoid landing emails in the spam and junk folder
  • Quick turnaround time
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Increase engagement and revenue


Best Features of MyEmailVerifier

MyEmailVerifier provides outstanding email validation features that make sure you will never receive any hard bounce for an email campaign.

  • Bulk Email Verification

MyEmailVerifier offers a bulk email verification service, you can verify emails in bulk by just uploading the list and verify your email list within a few minutes. Bulk email validator will improve your campaign metrics and reduce the bounce rate up to 99%.

  • Syntax Verification

Syntax Verification is a must-have feature for any email validation platform. It removes syntax errors such as spacing, @@, .., and missing domain in emails.

  • Domain/MX Record Checker

MyEmailVerifier checks the domain/MX record of every email address and accurately identifies an e-mail address that doesn’t have a valid mail exchanger. Bulk email verifier detects invalid domain/MX records and removes them from the email list.

  • Catch-All Email Checker

Catch-All email addresses are that receive all emails to a non-existing or incorrect address for a domain. Such emails are having a low open rate and cause problems with ESP. MyEmailVerifier is capable of identifying those email addresses and flagging them as Catch-All emails.

  • High-Performance Real-time API

Get verified your email address with real-time API service. Through API integration you can validate your email addresses in your website form. It will help you to validate email address instantly before adding them to your CRM database.

  • Free Domain Email Checker

MyEmailVerifier easily detects emails that belong to the free domains such as,,,, and more.

  • Lowest TurnAround Time

It takes the lowest processing time to validate an email address. MyEmailVerifier system is super-fast and powerful that makes sure each and every email address is verified perfectly.

  • Temporary Unavailability Detection

MyEmailVerifier system is also able to detect temporarily unavailable email addresses. Such an email address will keep it aside and automatically validate once it is available.

  • Role Account Detection

It identifies role-based email address such as info@, marketing@, sales@, etc., and remove them from your email list because these kinds of email address impact on email deliverability.

  • Improved Yahoo Email Verification

Most of Yahoo email address is disabled, but identifying valid yahoo email address is more difficult.  MyEmailVerifier is capable of detecting valid Yahoo/AOL email address that is still working.

  • Detailed SMTP Response

It provides detailed SMTP response status and the exact reason why this email address is invalid. It will give you clear information about invalid emails.

  • Greylist Domain Detection

It provides new anti-greylisting technology that easily detects greylisting domain and reduces deliverability issues.

  • Spam Trap Detection

This is one of the important features of any email verifying service provider. Detecting and removing spam trap emails will save you from email blacklisting.


MyEmailVerifier Pricing Plans Reviews

It is a top-notch email verification tool. It offers cost-effective and affordable pricing plans among top industry service providers. You can pay as go, with no terms, and conditions. Easy and simple pricing plan without any limitation.

  • Prepaid Plan

Currently, MyEmailVerifier offers only prepaid plans, where you have to buy credits based on your needs. 1 credit equals to 1 email verification.

How does MyEmailVerifier pricing work?

Pricing works based on volume. When you buy more credits you will get more discounts on email verifier.

For example:

  • If you want to verify 2000 emails, it will cost you $5.04.
  • If you want to verify 5000 emails, it will cost you $12.6.
  • If you want to verify 50,000 emails, it will cost you $60.

MyEmailVerifier Pricing


MyEmailVerifier Discount and Coupon Code

It provides a heavy discount for every purchase. It offers 40% to 60% discount on their website. Click here to get more discounts.


MyEmailVerifier Pros and Cons

MyEmailVerifier is an excellent email validation platform. It has all the features that are required for every email verifying software.


  • Offer free 500 credits
  • Provide 99% of accuracy
  • Save your money with cost-effective pricing
  • Easy to use email verifier
  • Takes less time to verify the email address
  • Awesome customer support
  • Perfectly detect all types of emails
  • Provide a clear and detailed status report
  • Comfortably integrates with the major email service provider
  • Fast and reliable API service


I have been using MyEmailVerifier for more than 5 years but never found any issue or complaint. And also compared to more than 15 email verification services but MyEmailVerifier is the perfect choice when it comes to price and quality of service.


Is MyEmailVerifier the right tool for your business?

Yes, MyEmailVerifier is a perfect and awesome email validation tool for each and every business. Its superior email verification capability and highest deliverability guarantee never let you down.

Best email validator for marketers, sales people, lead generation, recruiter, business owners, bloggers, and affiliate marketers and must-use tool for email marketing professionals.


Final MyEmailVerifier Reviews and Rating

MyEmailVerifier Rating


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