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Omnisend Overview

Omnisend is a powerful eCommerce marketing automation platform that enhances your business without compromise. Omnisend multi-channel marketing features allow you to do seamless communication via email, SMS, web push notification, and more.

Omnisend is the best eCommerce marketing platform available in the market. Omnisend started in 2014 as an email marketing service provider, since then it has grown drastically and positioned itself as an eCommerce marketing platform. Omnisend robust marketing automation is capable of handling large volumes and transactions with ease.

Omnisend is trusted by more than 70,000 eCommerce brands including Hallmark, Duke Cannon, Jiggy, Black Mango, FiGPiN, Hyper Denim, Lisa Von Tang, Unilever, NoHow, and more. Omnisend’s mission is to help eCommerce brands in their marketing activity by providing world-class email marketing and automation.


Best Features of Omnisend and Reviews

Omnisend offers outstanding features to run an eCommerce business successfully.

  • Advance Email Marketing

Omnisend provides advanced email marketing features that help you grow your business much faster. There are many email marketing software out there but Omnisend is specialized for only eCommerce stores and companies. Omnisend understands eCommerce business it has all the features required for eCommerce marketing strategy.

Email Campaign

  • Attractive Email Templates

Omnisend offers a free responsive email template to save your time and effort. You can customize a pre-built template based on your requirement. Use drag and drop editor to create attractive email designs without coding skills. Once you create a brand styling template save it once and reuse it for multiple campaigns.

Email Templates

  • Full-suite Email Content Editor for eCommerce

Create professional eCommerce emails with an easy drag and drop editor. You can effortlessly add products, discount codes, scratch cards, gift boxes, and dynamic suggestions to your email templates. Omnisend drag and drop editor capable of building shoppable and eCommerce emails. Some of the best features of a content editor are

  • Conditional Content
  • Image Editor
  • Add Video and GIFs
  • Mobile/Desktop Visibility Control
  • CTR Booster
  • Product recommendations
  • Product Picker and more.

Try Omnisend’s free trial and explore all the eCommerce marketing features.

Content Editor

  • Segmentation

Audience segmentation can increase the conversion rate by 60%. Improve conversion with an easy segmentation feature. Use customer profile, shopping history, location, gender, buying items, average order value, and more filters to segment the audience and send personalized messages that attract more customers.

Why should you use segmentation?

  • Keep your best customers engaged
  • Improve your deliverability
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Deliver the right message at the right time
  • Send relevant and targeted emails that convert
  • Design a more effective marketing campaign
  • Offer valuable content
  • Seamlessly retarget your segments across every channel
  • Keep your list clean and responsive


  • Email & SMS marketing automation for eCommerce

Omnisend provides one of the greatest marketing automation platforms. Drive more sales with autopilot marketing process across multi-channel using eCommerce focused automation platform. Be consistent and provide a personalized experience in all marketing channels (Email, SMS, Web push notification).

With Omnisend you can easily create automation workflows that convert more customers and sales. Omnisend also provides you with pre-built workflows that save a lot of time and effort. Few of them are

  • Welcome Series
  • Product Abandonment
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Order Confirmation
  • Shipping Confirmation
  • Cross-Sell

Optimize and boost your marketing campaign performance with A/B testing, automation splits, and additional features.

Marketing Automation

  • SMS marketing for eCommerce

SMS marketing plays a vital role in an eCommerce business. Avg. ROI of an SMS campaign is about 500%. Make use of SMS marketing that generates higher revenue compared to any other channel.

Omnisend provides a top-notch SMS marketing service that integrates with automation workflow and delivers consistent messages across the channel. Top of the features of Omnisend SMS marketing service

  • Personalized, omnichannel messaging
  • Hassle-free set-up, limitless use cases
  • Simple & transparent pricing
  • Global audience reach
  • Seamless SMS list building tools
  • Pre-Built SMS Automation Workflows
  • Full TCPA compliance
  • 2-Way SMS messaging
  • SMS channel reports

Explore the potential of SMS marketing for your store.


  • Web Push Notification

Web push notification is a useful feature to retarget your potential customer. The average conversion rate for push notifications is 30%. With Omnisend you can seamlessly create personalized push notifications to get more engagement and sales.

Drive more traffic to your eCommerce store by adding push notifications to your automation workflows. Increase your reach and keep consistent engagement with customers by using Omnisend omnichannel marketing.

How web push notifications will help you?

  • Instantly retarget your store visitors
  • Send push notification for cart abandonment
  • Send push notification for browse abandonment
  • Send push notifications for transactional messages
  • Drive sales with promotional urgency


  • Popups and Forms

Omnisend offers top-class popups and forms to capture store visitor information. You can easily convert visitors into customers with popups and forms. Seamlessly integrate forms with Omnisend eCommerce marketing automation to send instant messages and boost your sales.

Omnisend provides a variety of built-in forms you can use according to your need. Use Signup forms to collect store visitor information or if want to run special campaign use a dedicated lading page or use the exit form to capture abandoning visitors. Omnisend has all the capability to collect and store every information of your customer. Some of the additional features of popups and forms are

  • TCPA & GDPR Compliant
  • Pre-built themes and landing page
  • Forms reports and tracking
  • Mobile-Optimized landing page and themes
  • Gamify your email capture with a wheel of fortune


  • Audience Sync for Ads

This is one of advance features of Omnisend. With the audience sync feature, you can run ads and target customers without using their cookies. Omnisend allows real-time segmented contact sync to run effective ads on Facebook and Google.

Using audience sync you can create retargeting ads on Google and Facebook without using cookies. No need of uploading segmented CSV, audience sync will work for you to keep your target segment up to date. Audience sync can improve your ads targeting and give you more sales in a lesser ad budget.

Audience Sync

  • eCommerce reporting and analytics tools

Omnisend provides actionable insight to boost your sales. Understand more about your customers and easily get insight on marketing strategies that are working best for you.

Omnisend offers a sales dashboard to keep track of your sales and ROI. It also allows you to see which marketing channels are performing and give you a clear picture to take the decision. Some of the important reports are

  • Performance reports – To know what is working best for you.
  • Sales dashboard – To understand sales and ROI of the campaign
  • Campaign and automation reports – To learn more about each campaign’s effectiveness
  • Built-in message reports – To understand which email or message performed best for you.
  • Advanced reporting dashboards – To keep eye on each marketing channel’s daily metrics.
  • Audience growth trends – Monitor and compare how audience trends are changing.


  • Integrations

Connect Omnisend with your favorite eCommerce platform. With just one click you can integrate Omnisend with more than 100 eCommerce tools. Few popular eCommerce apps are

  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • Woocommerce
  • Bigcommerce
  • Magento
  • Prestashop+
  • Zapier
  • Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals
  • Easyship and more…


  • Omnisend’s customer support

Omnisend provides highly responsive customer support that helps you in each and every step. Generally, Omnisend users before contacting the customer support team, look into the help center repository to answer their quires. Omnisend offers 24/7 live chat and email support that resolve your issue instantly.

If you are using a standard or pro Omnisend plan, you will get a dedicated account manager and he/she will be your point of contact to resolve any issue.


Omnisend Pricing and Plans Reviews

Omnisend offers simple and flexible pricing plans which include all the features. Omnisend is the perfect fit for eCommerce stores, shoppers, and merchants. If you are in the eCommerce business then you should not miss out on using Omnisend.

  • Free Plan

Free plan is the best to explore Omisend features and capability. Free plan includes all the features with limited usage. Start free, upgrade as you grow.

  • Upload up to 250 contacts
  • Send up to 500 emails per month
  • Send up to 60 SMS
  • Send up to 500 web push notification


  • Standard Plan

Standard plan best for growing business that focused on email marketing. Price starts at $16 per month and offers all the features and unlimited usage.

  • Upload up to 500 contacts
  • Send up to 6,000 emails/ month
  • Send up to 60 SMS
  • Unlimited web push notification
  • Get a dedicated customer success manager once you reach 60k contacts
  • 24/7 Chat and Live support


  • PRO Plan

Pro plan useful for high volume sender and add SMS service to extra power to your marketing campaign. Price starts at $59 per month and offers all the features and unlimited usage.

  • Upload up to 500 contacts
  • Send up to 6 Unlimited emails/ month
  • Send up to 3,933 SMS/ month
  • Unlimited web push notification
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Get a dedicated customer success manager once you reach 27k contacts
  • 24/7 Chat and Live support
  • 24/7 Priority Support

Omnisend Pricing


Omnisend Pros and Cons

Omnisend Pros

  • Offer a free plan that includes all the features
  • Easy to use SMS service and send free SMS up to 60
  • Powerful, reliable, and flexible eCommerce marketing platform
  • Outstanding customer reach and email deliverability
  • Advance eCommerce automation workflow that saves tons of time
  • Easy and simple content editor to design beautiful and attractive emails
  • Comfortably run the campaign across the channels like email, SMS, push notification, Google and Facebook ads
  • Integrate easily with most popular eCommerce apps such as Shopify, Shopify Plus, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Magento and more.
  • Offer more advanced features like product picker, image editor, insert discount code and scratch cads, Gamyfying, and more.
  • Insightful report and analytics
  • Excellent customer support staff to help you out

Omnisend Cons

  • Looks a bit pricy compared to competitors but justify in terms of features and deliverable
  • Limited design option compare to competitors but it serves your purpose


Is Omnisend the right tool for your business?

If you are into the eCommerce business then Omnisend is the perfect marketing automation tool for you to boost your sales and revenue. Omnisend has an advance and robust infrastructure to run an eCommerce business successfully. Omnisend is useful for

  • Online Retailers
  • eCommerce companies
  • Small and medium merchants
  • Online stores

Final Omnisend Reviews and Rating

Omnisend Rating


Omnisend Alternatives and Competitors