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Day by day delivering email messages becoming challenging. Many marketers are facing problems like spam, inbox placement, blacklisting, and email deliverability. Getting your email delivered to inbox needs a plan, effort, and the right tool. So, is the right solution for you? Let’s discuss this in our Warmbox Review.

There are plenty of email warm-up tools available in the market. In that, Warmbox is one of the popular platforms. Email warmup solutions help you establish a positive reputation for new domains and IP addresses. So that your email never faces any deliverability issues. This is the first step toward enhancing your email deliverability and domain reputation.

In this Warmbox review, we will be looking into Warmbox features, pricing, usability, pros and cons, customer reviews, and analysis of whether is it worth for investment.


Warmbox Review

Warmbox stands as the leading email warm-up tool. It automates the process of sending warm-up emails, engages with your messages, builds a strong sender reputation, and significantly boosts email deliverability.

Cold email campaign usually ends up in the spam or junk folder of the prospect’s mailbox. If you’re running a cold email campaign, you must use the Warmbox email-warmup solution. Over 8,000 companies are already using to improve their email deliverability.

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How does Warmbox Work?

You might be wondering how the entire process works in So here are the step-by-step process for a better understanding of email warmup solution.


#Step 1: Connect your email with

The first step is to log in to your Warmbox account and click on the top right button “Add new inbox”.

Add new inbox

In the popup, select the provider of the inbox you want to warm up, and click on “Next”. You will get the option to connect with various email providers like Gmail – GSuite OAuth, Outlook 365, Yahoo Mail, Amazon SES, SMTP, etc.

Email provider


#Step 2: Start warming up automatically

Once you connect with Warmbox, Warmbox will send genuine emails from your inbox (using GPT-4), retrieve these emails from the spam folder, open and mark them as important, respond to some of them, and create positive interactions to improve your email sending reputation.

In Warmbox, you’ll have 4 options to select your warm-up strategies:

  • “Grow – Progressive” warm-up

In the Grow-Progressive strategy, you can start sending a low number of emails, which will gradually grow each day until it reaches your goal. This is most recommended for beginners.

  • “Flat” warm-up

In the Flat strategy, you can send the number of emails that you want to send during the warmup process.

  • “Randomized” warm-up

In the Randomized, you can send a random amount of emails each day. Also, you can you can adjust according to your needs.

  • “Custom” warm-up

In the Custom warm-up, you can send exactly the number of emails you’ve specified each day.

In the pop-up, choose the recipe you prefer for your warm-up and then adjust the sending parameters. Then click on “Done”.

Warm-up timing range


#Step 3: Send emails +35,000 real inboxes

Take advantage of the +35,000 real inbox network, which includes key email service providers, to boost your email deliverability and enhance your email reputation on a global scale.


#Step 4: Monitor and Get detailed reports on Email deliverability

Access comprehensive analytics and monitor your inbox reputation. After a few days, you’ll start to see the first results: your cold emails won’t end up in spam and will reach your intended inboxes!

Email deliverability report


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Warmbox Top Features

Warmbox is the #1 email warm-up solution that offers some outstanding features. Let’s take a detailed look at each feature one by one.


1. Easy Plug & play setup

Easy to set up the entire email warmup process. No technical skill is required, anybody can set up Warmbox without any prior knowledge. Also, there’s a vast knowledgebase library available anytime to help you run your email warmup process smoothly.

Easy Plug & play setup


2. Multiple warm-up options

Warmbox offers several email warm-up options, currently providing four choices: Grow, Flat, Random, and Custom. You can select the one that suits your specific needs. If the domain is new you can use the Grow option to warm up email gradually.

If you have an old domain and already sent many campaigns. Then you can select the Flat warmup option so you can control email sending with your own space. These email warm-up choices speed up the process and ensure your emails are prepared for large-scale campaigns.

Warm-up strategies


3. Realistic email templates

Warmbox uses a realistic email template for sending emails to their network. This helps to build credibility for your domain and get the highest engagement for your campaign. There are millions of naturally created email templates used in Warmbox to increase the sender reputation.


4. Best and safest email warmup solution

Warmbox operates around the clock, without any specific timing or work hours. It runs continuously, boosting your sender reputation for both your domain and IP address. It’s a secure and reliable platform for email warm-up that you can trust.


5. Free IPs/Domain Blacklist & DNS deliverability checker

In Warmbox you will get a free IPs/Domain blacklisting checker. And also you can review DNS records to safeguard against spoofing and malicious activities. This is the top feature that you can effectively utilize for your email campaign.


6. Humans realistic (GPT4 & Hybrid) uses GPT-4 technology to send genuine emails. It retrieves emails from spam folders, opens and bookmarks them, responds to some emails, and creates positive interactions to boost your email-sending reputation.

Humans realistic


7. Automated interactions

Warmbox is a fully automated warm-up platform, Starting from removing emails from spam folders, opening emails, replying to emails, and marking them as important or favorite all interactions can be done automatically. Also, you will able to interact with a 35,000 inbox network that constantly helps you improve email deliverability. You have the flexibility to customize interactions according to your preferences.


8. Spam score monitoring

Warmbox offers spam score monitoring to assist you in monitoring and enhancing your email performance. With this feature, you can keep an eye on your spam score and make necessary changes to your email content and tactics to avoid landing in spam folders.


9. Inbox integrations

Warmbox offers a wide range of email client integrations, making it easy to connect with your preferred email provider. Some of the supported providers include Gmail, Gsuite, AOL, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, Zoho, SendGrid, Sendinblue, Brevo, Amazon SES, SMTP, Yandex, Mailgun, and many more.


10. Reporting & Dashboard

Analyses and understand each and every email activity. Once your email is prepared for the campaign, Warmbox will notify you and provide a deliverability score for each test you conduct. A score between 80-100 indicates it’s ready for the campaign, while a score below 30 is considered spam and most of your emails will go to spam.

Warmbox offers various reports, including Domain/IP Blacklisting, SpamAssassin Score, DNS report, Delivery report, Inbox placement insights, warm-up activity report, and more. These reports are valuable tools to increase email deliverability.

Detailed reports


Warmbox Pricing Plans Reviews

Warmbox offers a reasonable pricing structure based on the number of users and daily email volume you require.

Their basic plan starts at $15 per month, allowing you to warm up one inbox and send up to 50 emails per day. This plan is ideal for solo entrepreneurs, startups, and individual business owners.

For larger teams, the Growth plan is available at $139 per month for an annual subscription, offering 6 inboxes and a daily email limit of 500.

If you opt for a monthly subscription, the costs will differ. For $15 plan will cost you $19 and the $139 plan cost you $159 per month.

Warmbox Pricing

Use discount code “WELCOME15” to get 15% off.


Warmbox Pros and Cons

In Warmbox, you’ll discover mostly advantages and only a few disadvantages. You need to consider all these points before making a buying decision.



  • No.1 Email Warmup Solution
  • Offer affordable pricing plans
  • Free IP Blacklists and DNS settings checker
  • +35,000 private inboxes network
  • Fix all spam-related issues in one platform
  • Fully automated and uses (GPT-4) technology
  • Best for cold email warmup
  • Detailed reporting and monitoring platform
  • Multiple options to start the email warmup process
  • No free trial
  • Less responsive customer support


Warmbox Customer Reviews

These are the customer reviews that give you confidence in choosing the platform.

Warmbox Review Warmbox Customer Reviews

Is Warmbox the right tool for your business?

Whether you’re running a mass email campaign, cold email outreach, dealing with spam, deliverability challenges, or starting a new email campaign, this tool is a must-have in your toolkit.

This tool is highly suitable for sales, business development, delivery specialists, marketing, lead generation, demand generation, digital marketers, affiliate marketers, bloggers, startups, recruiters, and anyone who sends emails. It will help in building the sender’s reputation and improving inbox placement.


Final Reviews and Ratings

Our client saw a significant improvement in inbox deliverability after using for a few months. We recommend using the email warm-up tool for at least 3 months to see noticeable improvements. Within a month none of the warmup platforms deliver results.

Warmbox Reviews


Final Thoughts | Is Worth Buying?

Warmbox proves to be a valuable asset for email marketers seeking to improve deliverability and sender reputation. Its range of features, ease of use, and affordable pricing make it a compelling choice. While it may take some time to see significant results, its comprehensive approach to email warm-up can greatly benefit your email campaigns.


Warmbox Alternatives

There are several alternatives to Warmbox, and here are a few of them:


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get support for Warmbox?

Unfortunately, Warmbox provides only chat support, but it is effective in resolving any issues you face during your email warmup process.

2. How can Warmbox benefit my email campaign?

Warmbox ensures your emails reach the right inboxes, allowing you to reach more customers and generate higher revenue.

3. Does Warmbox offer any discount?

Yes. Warmbox offers a 15% discount on every plan you purchase. Simply use the code ‘WELCOME15’ to enjoy a lifetime discount.

4. Does Warmbox offer a free plan?

Warmbox does not offer any free plan. Only blacklist monitoring and DNS checker are available for free. However, you can request a demo to explore the platform before making a payment.

5. Is Warmbox legit?

Yes. Warmbox is a legitimate platform that helps you improve your domain/IP reputation, leading to improved email deliverability.