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Verifalia Overview

Verifalia is a real-time email list verification service provider that helps you to protect sender reputation, reduce bounce rate, improve deliverability, and keep your list clean and updated. Cleaning the email list with Verifalia is super simple and easy. Just you need to upload, verify and download.

Verifalia email verification service offers 25 daily free credits. It is capable of identifying all invalid emails including spam traps, role-based accounts, catch-all servers, risky and disposable email addresses. Verifalia provides industry-standard verification service quality and detailed reports.

Verifalia is Italy based company, founded in 2005. Since then it served over 35000 customers across the globe. Use Verifalia list verification service and reach more customer inboxes.


Why do you need to verify an email address?

Email addresses don’t last forever. In fact, every year more than 20% of email addresses become invalid. If you have just 5% invalid email address in your list that will impact on your sender and domain reputation.

Use email verification service to

  • Get rid of hard and soft email bounces
  • Increase effectiveness of email campaign
  • Clean your email list and keep it updated
  • Avoid landing emails into the junk folder or spam folder
  • Prevent blacklisting by an ISP
  • Prevent banning by an email service provider
  • Stop wasting time and money on sending undelivered emails
  • Develop a stellar email sender reputation
  • Improve marketing ROI


Best Features of Verifalia

Verifalia offers the most appropriate email verification features that lead to high quality and accuracy. Here are some of the best features of the Verifalia email verification platform.

  • Syntax verification: It checks the syntax or universal format of every email address.
  • Domain & DNS check: It validates the DNS record of every email address and flag invalid emails which does not exist.
  • Mail Exchanger (MX) test: It identifies email addresses that don’t have a valid mail exchanger.
  • International verification: Verifalia can verify all kids of email addresses including non-Latin alphabets, like Chinese, Arabic, or Cyrillic.
  • Temporary unavailability detection: It also detects temporarily unavailable email addresses.
  • Yahoo! verification: It verifies the existence of Yahoo mailboxes like,,,,, etc.
  • Spam traps removal: It easily identifies and removes spam traps and other honey pot emails.
  • Smart duplicates removal: Verifalia identifies duplicate emails in your list so that you can not get charged twice.
  • Extensive developers API: It provides secure real-time API for software developers.
  • Embeddable widget: You can use an embeddable widget to automatically verify email addresses in your website forms.
  • Integration: Verifalia Integrates with over 4,000 apps, including all popular email marketing tools, cloud storage, CRM, and cloud services.
  • Adjustable processing: It allows you to adjust the email verification process based on your requirement.
  • GDPR complaints: All data is secure and protected under the world’s strongest data privacy laws.


Verifalia Pricing Plans Reviews

Verifalia designed pricing for every business. It offers flexible pricing plans that fit each and every requirement.

  • Free

Free plan offers daily 25 credits for free. It includes best effort processing, 5 users/browser apps, and basic features.

  • Starter

Starter plan offers daily 250 credits at $9 /month. It includes normal processing, 5 users/browser apps, and other features.

  • Professional

Professional plan offers daily 1250 credits at $49 /month. It includes real-time processing, 100 users/browser apps, firewall protection, >99.9% uptime SLA, and more.

  • Enterprise

Enterprise plan offers daily 6,250 credits at $199 /month. It includes real-time processing, 1000 users/browser apps, firewall protection, >99.9% uptime SLA, Multi-factor auth, and more.

  • Ultimate

Enterprise plan offers daily 25,000 credits at $499 /month. It includes real-time processing, 1000 users/browser apps, firewall protection, >99.9% uptime SLA, Multi-factor auth and more.


Verifalia Discount

Verifalia offers discounts on quarterly and yearly plans.

  • If you opt for a quarterly plan you will get 5% discount
  • If you opt for the yearly plan you will get 10% discount


Verifalia Pros and Cons

Verifalia is one of the best email verification tools but every tool has its own pros and cons, let’s review it in detail.

Pros Cons
  • Offer free emails credits daily
  • Provides real-time email verification services
  • Offer 94% of accuracy
  • Feature-rich email verification service
  • Three levels of quality check
  • Easy to integrate with third-party apps
  • Bit expensive
  • Less accurate compared to competitors
  • Complicated credit system
  • Worst customer support
  • Poor turnaround time


Is Verifalia the right tool for your business?

It’s the right tool for email verification service but not the best tool. There is a better alternative email verification tool that offers much more features and high accuracy at a lower cost.

Generally, an email verification service is a perfect fit for marketing and sales professionals, demand generation and lead generation professionals, small business owners, and anybody looking for an email list cleaning service.


Final Verifalia Reviews and Rating

Verifalia Rating


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