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Kendo Email Finder Reviews

Kendo is a simple and effective email finding tool that helps you to find personal and business email address, so you can connect with the right audience for your business.

Kendo works well with LinkedIn and Instagram, you can easily find anyone’s email address by using Kendo chrome extension. You can also automate the complete search and finding process, and comfortably collect contact name, company name, website, phone number, and email address in a fraction second.

Kendo is trusted by over 40,000 reputed companies marketing and sales team. Some of them are Cloudera, Amazon, Oracle, IBM, Deloitte, Salesforce, MetLife, Pepsico ad many more.


Kendo Product and Features

  • LinkedIn Email Finder

Kendo email finder will help you to find an email address and phone number from LinkedIn profiles with a single click. Kendo chrome extension works with LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter version. You can easily reach out to 750+ million Linkedin members with Kendo. Once you sign up you will get a free 50 credits to find the email address of prospects.


  • Instagram Email Finder

With Kendo email finder you can find an email address on Instagram. Just use the relevant hashtags of prospects and find email addresses from Instagram.

You can automate the complete process by just entering one or multiple hashtags. It will provide you prospects details including email, company name, website, number of followers, and more.


  • Bulk Email Finder

Find email address in bulk by just uploading the list of prospects in the Kendo account. It will provide you with a valid email address and phone number of prospects. It provides an easy export option and supports CSV, Excel, or JSON files.

Also, you can use API cal to find the email address of any professional.


  • Domain Email Search

With domain search, you can find any companies email address. Just enter the company domain and you will get all the employee information. Filter it according to your requirements and use it for your email campaign.

It is a very useful feature when you don’t get contact in LinkedIn and Instagram. Use this feature to optimize your contact reach.


  • Free Email Verification

Kendo also offers an email verification service. Verify email address to avoid bounces. Kendo email verifier removes invalid, spam traps, and undeliverable emails from your list and keeps your list highly accurate. You can verify 100 email addresses for free.


  • Company Enrichment

This is one of the effective features of Kendo. You just need to enter prospects company names in the search box and it will get you complete company information including name, job role, website, email address, phone number, revenue, location, social profiles, and more.

This is the easiest way of finding new leads, it saves a lot of time for your sales and marketing team. Instead of searching for new leads, they can spend more time on writing better and more engaging content.


  • Automate LeadGen

Automate lead generation process with Kendo. From finding new leads to verifying email address you can automate the entire process. Check out our example email list.


  • Integration

Kendo easily connects with your favorite CRM software like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zapier, Salesforce, Chrome, Zoho, Pipedrive, Salesflare, Recruitee, and more.


Kendo Email Finder Pricing Plans Reviews

Kendo offers a competitive pricing plan, so every business can afford a powerful email-finding tool for their lead generation. Choose your plan according to your business needs and start using Kendo to find new leads and customers.

  • FREE

Kendo’s free plan includes 50 free credits to find emails and verify up to 100 emails per month.


In the starter plan you will get 600 credits/month in that you can find 600 emails and phone numbers, 300 domain searches, verify up to 30,000 emails at the cost of $14 per month.


In the premium plan, you will get 1500 credits/month in that you can find 1500 emails and phone numbers, 750 domain searches, verify up to 30,000 emails at the cost of $29 per month.


This is the most recommended plan. In the premium plan, you will get 5000 credits/month in that you can find 5000 emails and phone numbers, 2500 domain searches, verify up to 30,000 emails at the cost of $59 per month.


In the premium plan, you will get 10,000 credits/month in that you can find 10,000 emails and phone numbers, 5000 domain searches, verify up to 30,000 emails at the cost of $99 per month.

Kendo Email Finder Discount

Kendo Email Finder offers 15% discount on the yearly plan. Subscribe to the yearly plan to get more discounts and to find more leads.


Kendo Email Finder Pros and Cons


  • Sign up for a free account and get 50 credits each month.
  • Verify up to 30,000 emails in any paid plan.
  • Find corporate email address as well as personal email address
  • Quick and reliable Kendo chrome extension
  • Provides valid and accurate emails
  • Provides valid phone number
  • Credit cannot be deducted if Kendo is not able to find the contact
  • Duplicates contacts are not counted
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent customer service


  • Sometimes provides incorrect data
  • For some search queries, you will not get emails
  • No logout option

Apart from the above, there is no any issue with the software. It is one of the best email finding and list-building software.


Is Kendo Email Finder the right tool for your business?

Kendo Email Finder is designed for every business that is looking for new leads and customers. Most of the users are sales, business development, demand generation, recruiter, blogger, marketing, and small business owner. Use Kendo to find more leads and generate more revenue.


Final Kendo Email Finder Reviews and Rating

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