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Looking for an email marketing platform to send AMP emails? Then Mailmodo fits the bill perfectly. It’s tailored for small to medium-sized businesses in both B2B and B2C sectors. Curious about how Mailmodo works as a new email marketing platform? That’s why we have come up with a Mailmodo review to understand more about the software and its capability.

We’ll walk you through Mailmodo’s features, pros and cons, customer feedback, and pricing in a step-by-step manner, ensuring you have all the information you need to make a confident decision before making a purchase.


What is Mailmodo?

Mailmodo is an interactive email marketing platform that helps you create stunning and engaging email marketing campaigns. Leave behind outdated static platforms and dive into Mailmodo’s advanced features, such as AMP emails, gamify emails, email automation, forms, surveys, real-time template suggestions, AI template editor, and simplified email marketing for maximum conversions.

This innovative platform was founded in 2020 by Aquibur Rahman & Apurv Gupta. Mailmodo is on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses approach email marketing. Join Mailmodo in embracing a new era of dynamic and engaging email campaigns!

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Mailmodo Review

Mailmodo stands out as a top-notch email marketing software trusted by over 10,000 companies to fuel their growth. Notable clients include Razorpay, Mudrex, Pixel, BluSmart, HobSpace, Kodo, Indian Express, Whop, ADP List, NCB, and more. Garnering the highest ratings on G2 Crowd, Sofware Advice, and Capettera.

Mailmodo Home page

Mailmodo offers a range of unique features:

  • Integrated Forms: Easily add forms within your emails.
  • Dynamic Content: Embed live ratings, reviews, stars, polls, or badges.
  • Real-time Analytics: Track data in the Mailmodo dashboard.
  • Interactive Emails: Gamify your emails with features like spinning the wheel for discounts.
  • Quizzes: Conduct quizzes and track responses within the email.
  • Template Assistance: Receive real-time suggestions for better open and delivery rates.
  • Device Responsiveness: Preview how your email appears on different devices.
  • Automation Flows: Build complex automations in seconds using prebuilt flows.

These unique features enhance your marketing efforts, ensuring a higher return on investment. Mailmodo clients have witnessed exceptional results, including a 257% growth rate in survey responses and a 2.3x increase in webinar signups. If you’re seeking an advanced yet affordable email marketing platform, Mailmodo is your go-to solution.

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Best Features of Mailmodo

We will explain each feature of Mailmodo that significantly enhances your email marketing ROI like never before.


1. Free Email Template Builder

Design stunning email template with Mailmodo email editor. It helps to speed up your email production time. For creating an email, there is no need to rely on the developer or designer, its simple drag-drop editor easily helps you create beautiful and interactive emails.

Email template builder

These are the unique features of the Mailmodo template editor:

  • Get access to 400+ free email templates
  • Generate email copy with AI
  • Add interactive widgets without coding
  • Easily build AMP and HTML template
  • Create a responsive design seamlessly, without any additional effort
  • Get real-time template improvement suggestions
  • Save reusable blocks and assets for repetitive tasks

These are the top-notch features you get apart from an intuitive template editor to empower your marketing. You will get all the options to craft intricate and eye-catching email designs. Ensure your emails shine brightly, even in the busiest inboxes.

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2. Email Automation

Email automation is a must-have feature in this digital world. It saves a lot of time for marketers and performs tasks automatically without any interruption. In Mailmodo, you will get a visual automation builder to create effective customer lifecycle journeys. Use automation workflows that deliver timely and personalized emails to boost your conversions.

Visual journey builder

A few of the notable email automation features are:

  • Create workflows effortlessly using a drag-and-drop visual builder
  • Target your audience with precision using custom events
  • Incorporate time delays and schedule send times for optimal timing
  • Utilize conditional logic within the email journey for personalized experiences
  • Enhance email campaigns by adding a variety of custom fields
  • Explore ready-to-use automation sequences for quick implementation

These are the email automation options you will get in Mailmodo.

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3. AMP Emails

Only a few email marketing service providers offer AMP emails and Mailmodo is one of them. People like AMP emails that encourage them to click on the offer. Usually, AMP emails get a higher click-through rate than regular emails. Using interactive emails you can increase conversion and sales.


What can you create with AMP emails?

  • Embed forms directly in emails, allowing users to submit responses seamlessly.
  • Integrate a meeting calendar within the email, enabling users to book directly from their inbox.
  • Conduct surveys and polls through email, with real-time tracking of responses.
  • Send gamification emails featuring elements like spin the wheel, countdown timers, and scratch cards.

Here is an example of Gamifying emails

Gamifying emails

AMP emails cut down on redirections and streamline the conversion process with fewer steps. Consider incorporating AMP emails in your next campaign for improved results.

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4. Shopify Email Marketing

Connect Mailmodo with your Shopify eCommerce store to elevate your business. Use interactive widgets such as shopping carts, product catalogs, and dynamic content to simplify customers’ purchasing process. Send abandoned cart emails and convert more customers.

Shopify Store

Best features of eCommerce marketing

  • Allow customers to select product quantity, type, and payment methods, completing purchases directly through emails.
  • Trigger interactive cart recovery and product recommendation emails based on customer behavior.
  • Automate Shopify email marketing seamlessly using Mailmodo.
  • Boost conversions by embedding pre-made Shopify widgets like cart abandonment and product recommendations.
  • Craft and send promotional emails, including product recommendations, discount sale campaigns, and more.

These are the useful features you will get in the Mailmodo email marketing platform.

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5. Send Transactional Email

You can use Mailmodo to send transactional emails with minimal effort. Make use of SMTP or API to send trigger emails such as order confirmation, customer feedback, survey, password reset, account activation, account notification, shipping confirmation, and many others.

Ensure your emails land in the inbox by sending transactional emails with managed deliverability. Choose from over 300 transactional email templates to enhance interaction with your email campaigns.

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6. Contact Management

Optimize your email targeting with Mailmodo’s advanced contact management. Easily upload, organize, and segment contacts to send precise emails to your intended audience. Keep track of contact details and monitor engaged contacts through campaign activity tracking.

  • Segment contacts by demographic properties for precise targeting in your emails.
  • Create segments based on past campaign activities, such as those who submitted a form.
  • Utilize custom events from your website or app in Mailmodo to segment contacts based on specific actions.
  • Engage with your active customers through email and regularly clean up inactive ones from your list.
  • Gain insights into your audience’s reactions to campaigns to enhance the effectiveness of your email communication.

Manage contact list

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7. AI Email Marketing

In Mailmodo, leverage GPT-4 for email creation and save three times the usual time spent on writing email copy. Use Mailmodo AI to craft compelling subject lines for highly engaging emails effortlessly.

AI Content Generator

Benefits of AI in email marketing

  • Effortlessly delegate tasks such as email copywriting, templates, and personalization to AI, allowing you to concentrate on refining your email strategy.
  • Partner with AI for brainstorming, and injecting creativity into your email drips, content, design, and subject lines with diverse variants.
  • Cut down creation time by generating multiple campaigns within minutes, scaling up your email marketing efforts efficiently.

AI marketing is available in other email marketing platforms too. However, it’s important not to overly rely on AI since it may not fully comprehend human emotions. Often, it tends to use common words and ideas that make the content seem generated by AI.

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8. High Deliverability

Mailmodo prioritizes email deliverability to ensure that every email you send reaches your customer’s inbox. The platform actively warms up the domain to enhance inbox placement. Key features contributing to the best email deliverability include:

  • Get personalized 1:1 consultation from email experts
  • Implement send-time optimization for improved inbox placement
  • Authenticate the sender domain to enhance credibility
  • Establish an email warmup program for optimal deliverability
  • Diagnose and address email deliverability issues
  • Integrate with Google Postmaster for comprehensive insights
  • Utilize fragmented scheduling to send emails gradually for enhanced deliverability

You can trust Mailmodo to send bulk emails and expect higher email deliverability.


9. All reports on a single dashboard

Access comprehensive insights on email delivery, subscriber engagement, and activities—all within a user-friendly platform. Dive deep into understanding which email clients, formats, and links are capturing your subscribers’ attention.

Mailmodo Report


10. Integrate your essential tools and apps

Mailmodo seamlessly integrates with your essential tools and apps, including Shopify, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier, Zoho CRM,, Facebook LeadGen Forms, Calendly, Zoom, Google Sheets, GoKwik, and more.

Mailmodo Integration


11. 24×7 live support

With Mailmodo, enjoy 24×7 live support. In the basic plan, get access to Chat and Email Support. And in the premium plan, you will get Chat, Email, Call, and dedicated onboarding support.


Mailmodo Pricing Plans Reviews

Mailmodo offers a flexible pricing plan designed to suit any business. You can pay as you grow your business. It has 3 pricing plans Lite, Pro, and Max. Each plan comes up with additional features you can choose a plan according to your needs.

With the Mailmodo Free Plan, you will get a 21-day free trial and send up to 10,000 emails. Just sign up for the free trial and explore features and capabilities.

Mailmodo Pricing


Let’s discuss more about Mailmodo pricing here.

1. Lite Plan

Lite plan pricing starts at $49/month for 2500 contacts and send up to 20,000 emails per month. If the bill is paid annually you will get 20% off which comes to $39/month. Here are the Lite Plan features:

  • 100,000 Custom Events
  • AI-Powered Content Creation
  • 1 Team Member
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • 5 Active Journeys
  • Chat & Email Support
  • 5 API Request / Sec

This is Mailmodo’s basic plan, ideal for those just starting to send emails. If you’re a beginner seeking high deliverability then the Lite plan is a suitable option.


2. Pro Plan

Pro plan pricing starts at $99/month for 2500 contacts. You can send up to 25,000 emails per month. If the bill is paid annually you will get 20% off which comes to $79/month. With the Pro plan, you will get all the features of the Lite Plan and additional features:

  • A/B Testing
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Timezone Based Scheduling
  • Remove Mailmodo Branding From the Footer
  • Upload Templates
  • Email Click Maps
  • Chat, Email Support & Assisted Onboarding

If you are sending emails regularly and want to use advanced email marketing technology, opt for Pro Plan to achieve better results with less effort.


3. Max Plan

Max plan pricing starts at $199/month for 2500 contacts. You can send up to 37,500 emails per month. If the bill is paid annually you will get 20% off which comes to $159/month. With the Max plan, you will get all the features of the Lite and Pro Plan and additionally, you can export campaign data via API.

The Max plan mirrors all the features of the Pro plan, but with higher sending limits, more active contacts, API access, unlimited active journeys, 4 custom domains, support for 5 team members, and various other benefits tailored for large businesses.

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Mailmodo Pros and Cons

Consider the pros and cons of Mailmodo before making your decision.



  • Easily build AMP emails without coding
  • Design user journey maps with a visual builder using drag-and-drop
  • Send bulk emails using Mailmodo’s SMTP or integrate your preferred email delivery service
  • Ensure high deliverability and open rates with well-managed and dedicated IPs
  • Set up auto-trigger transactional emails
  • Visualize data including opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and submissions
  • Get expert tech and email consultation
  • 24×7 live support
  • Limited integration option
  • No integration to send an SMS campaign
  • Occasional platform crashes due to a heavy server load
  • Sometimes responses get delayed due to small team
  • Takes time to load the platform
  • No option to clone the entire campaign



Mailmodo Customer Reviews

Here are the positive customer reviews of Mailmodo for your reference.

Mailmodo Customer reviews Mailmodo Customer review

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Is Mailmodo the right tool for your business?

Yes, if your priority is AMP and interactive emails. Mailmodo has the capability of sending AMP emails. However, most of the email clients do not support AMP emails. Only Gmail, GSuite, Yahoo, and support AMP emails. If your database comprises Gmail and Yahoo mail users, sending AMP emails can result in maximum impact.

Apart from AMP emails, there is no unique thing about Mailmodo. There are several top-tier email marketing platforms that offer more advanced features than Mailmodo. Few of them are GetResponse, Sendx, Sendpulse, MailerLite, Omnisend, and Moosend. It’s better to go with a reputed email marketing service rather than trying a new email marketing platform. Even there is not much pricing difference among other email marketing platforms.

Mailmodo is the best choice for beginners, startups, B2B and B2C ventures, business owners, eCommerce enterprises, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and other professionals.

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Final Mailmodo Reviews and Ratings

Here is a review of what we think about Mailmodo compared to other email marketing software.

Mailmodo Review


Final Thoughts | Is Mailmodo Worth Buying?

Mailmodo presents itself as a robust email marketing platform with various features designed to enhance user experience and campaign effectiveness. The ease of use, advanced automation capabilities, and compatibility with various tools make it a viable choice for businesses of different scales.

However, individual preferences and specific requirements may vary, and exploring alternative options is recommended to ensure the chosen platform aligns seamlessly with your unique needs. Ultimately, the decision to invest in Mailmodo will depend on your specific goals, preferences, and the features that matter most to your email marketing strategy.


Mailmodo Alternatives

Explore alternatives to Mailmodo that cater to diverse email marketing needs. From established industry leaders to innovative newcomers, these alternatives offer unique features and functionalities.

These email marketing tools you can try as a Mailmodo Alternatives.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are there any limitations to AMP emails?

AMP emails function similarly to regular emails but with added superpowers. However, not all email clients support AMP emails. Currently, AMP email is compatible with Gmail, GSuite, Yahoo, and In cases where the recipient’s email client doesn’t support AMP emails, they will see a plain HTML fallback email, and provide options for such scenarios.


2. Are email templates free?

Mailmodo’s extensive template library offers a variety of pre-built templates for different industries and use cases, all accessible for free with a subscription.


3. Which email client supports AMP email?

Currently, AMP is supported by Gmail, GSuite, Yahoo, and If a user’s email client doesn’t support AMP emails, the recipient will view a plain HTML email.


4. Can I integrate Mailmodo with the Shopify store?

Certainly, Mailmodo seamlessly integrates with Shopify stores. With just a few clicks, you can connect an email marketing app to your store and start sending campaigns.


5. How do you gamify emails?

Utilize Mailmodo’s interactive widgets, including Spin the wheel, quizzes, polls, and even Wordle, within your emails to create enjoyable and engaging content for your subscribers.