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Are you looking for the Lusha Alternatives? Lusha is one of the best email and phone number-finding tools that help companies to build their contact list in a short period of time. Lusha offers an extensive b2b contacts database to enhance your outreach campaign results.

But what is the problem with Lusha? Many users move out from Lusha due to expensive pricing, accuracy, retrieve results, database restrictions, limited user access, limited credits, and more.

There are many alternatives to Lusha available in the market. With cost-effective pricing and advanced features. Without consuming too much time. Let’s look into top Lusha Alternatives & Competitors.

Here are the best Lusha Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

#1. SalesQL

SalesQL is a top-rated email and direct dial finding tool on LinkedIn. That provides accurate contact information of prospects. More than 200,000 companies use SalesQL to fulfill lead generation needs. You can review the complete features of SalesQL here.


SalesQL is the cheapest alternative to Lusha. It offers very simple and affordable pricing plans. Here is the Salesql vs Lusha comparison report that will provide you with in-depth details.

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#2. Pipileads

Pipileads is an excellent b2b lead generation tool. Find B2b emails on Linkedin and build a potential list of prospects. Pipileads is one the best email finder tool with the highest retrieved results. For more details read the complete Pipileads reviews.


The major difference between Pipileads and Lusha

  • Pipileads is the better alternative to Lusha. Because it offers more lead credits compared to Lusha. And also Lusha is more expensive than Pipileads.
  • In Pipileads, you will get 250 credits/ month at $9.95. But in Lusha you have to pay a minimum of $348 for 480 credits.
  • Pipileads is well known for its Linkedin email finder and verifier, But Lusha is known for its sales intelligence platform that offers millions of decision-makers contacts.


#3. UpLead

UpLead is a world-class lead generation tool that has 85+ million contact database. The robust and reliable verification process makes UpLead the most accurate contact database provider. Offer 95% accuracy guaranteed on email and phone numbers.


The major difference between UpLead and Lusha

  • UpLead is one of the highest-rated lead intelligence software. Compare to Lusha, Uplead provides high accuracy and quality prospects database.
  • UpLead is the best alternative to Lusha. It offers flexible pricing plans and the highest accuracy that you will not get in Lusha.

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#4. is our favorite lead generation tool. has everything to generate leads for your business. It offers an email finder, email verifier, email warm-up, technology checker, email tracker, and email drip campaigns.

The major difference between and Lusha

  • is the toughest competitor for Lusha. Both offer similar features. But when comes to pricing has better pricing plans compared to Lusha.
  • offers 1000 credits/ month for $33. Whereas in Lusha there is no monthly plan. A yearly plan will cost around $348 for 480 credits/ month.
  • is the top alternative to Lusha. free version allows you 150 credits for free, in that you can easily find leads on any website.

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#5. Kendo Email Finder

Kendo is the best email finder tool that helps you to find emails and phone numbers from Linkedin. Very simple and easy-to-use tools. Install the Kendo chrome extension and build the prospects list in seconds. Over 60,000 customers use Kendo to find contact details on LinkedIn. For more information click on Kendo Reviews.


The major difference between Kendo and Lusha

  • Kendo is another alternative to Lusha which offers cost-effective pricing plans. Kendo will cost you just $17 for 600 credits. Lusha is more expensive than Kendo.
  • Kendo offers similar features to Lusha, You can try it for free and explore the features.


#6. is one of the oldest email-finding and outreach tools. It offers reliable and wonderful features that can help you to optimize your outreach efforts. comes with an email finder, domain search, email verifier, technology checker, and cold email campaign.

The major difference between and Lusha

  • offer a reasonable pricing plan. That can suitable for small to large size organizations.
  • is the perfect alternative to Lusha. It has all the features to find leads and enhance your campaign performance.


#7. Clearbit

Clearbit is a complete lead generation and market intelligence tool. With Clearbit you can easily find leads in your Gmail account. Install the Clearbit chrome extension and find leads in your Gmail account. Best use for sales, marketing, and lead generation professionals.


The major difference between Clearbit and Lusha

  • Clearbit is one of the perfect alternatives to Lusha. Clearbit offers solutions like data enrichment, lead scoring, lead routing, visitor insights, website optimization, ad targeting, and conversion tracking. Whereas in Lusha you will not get lead intelligence details.
  • Clearbit is a more advanced lead generation tool than Lusha.
  • Clearbit chrome extension will help you to find B2b prospects within seconds.
  • With Clearbit you can easily find high-quality leads and decision-makers contacts.

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#8. Zoominfo

Zoominfo is the leading B2b database and sales intelligence platform. Lusha is nowhere close to Zoominfo. Medium and large size businesses can afford Zoominfo services. The cost of Zoomifo is huge but it’s worth for your business to grow faster.

The major difference between Zoominfo and Lusha

  • There is a huge difference between Zoominfo and Lusha. Lusha is an email-finding tool, whereas Zoominfo is a database intelligence tool.
  • In Zoominfo you will get the most accurate and quality database that no one provides in the industry.


#9. ContactOut

ContactOut is another Lusha alternatives. With ContactOut you can easily identify email and phone numbers on Linkedin. Trusted by 400 customers and 76% of fortune 500 companies.

Lusha alternatives

The major difference between ContactOut and Lusha

  • Pricing and email credits are the major difference between ContactOut and Lusha.
  • ContactOut costs you 29$ for 1200 credits/year. Whereas Lusha cost you $348 for 480 credits.


#10. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is the most popular and trusted source for b2b databases. Connect with your ideal prospects and convert them into customers with highly qualified leads. DiscoverOrg is part of Zoominfo.

The major difference between DiscoverOrg and Lusha

  • Lusha is less competitive compared to DiscoverOrg.
  • DiscoverOrg has vast database coverage to fulfill every requirement. DiscoverOrg is the best option for your sales team.
  • But in terms of pricing DiscoverOrg is more expensive than Lusha.



These are the top 10 Lusha alternatives. You can choose based on your budget and requirement. If you are looking for Lusha alternatives then SalesQL, Pipleads, Kendo,, and Uplead are the best email finder and b2b leads intelligence platforms.

If you have a large sales and marketing team with huge b2b database requirements then Zoominfo and DiscoverOrg are the better options to fulfill every database needs.