You are currently viewing 8 Tips To Get Your Emails Opened And Read in 2023

There are many challenges in email marketing. I have already explained how to deliver your email to the customer inbox. That’s the major challenge. Now I will tell you 8 tips to get your emails opened and read.

The best email marketing campaign begins with a higher email open rate. This will lead you to get more click-throughs, more conversions, and more revenue.

Here are 8 tips to get your emails opened and read


1. Use a sender name

Most people like to open an email from a person, instead of a brand. When you send an email with a brand name most people think that is promotion mail and they will never open it.

Using generic email addresses like sales, info, or role-based email prospects doesn’t feel personal note. Nowadays people want personal interaction with brands. So it’s better to use a person’s name while sending an email campaign.


2. Compelling Subject Lines = Higher Opens

Most prospects decide whether to open an email or not, based on the subject line. Make sure your subject line is crisp and clear. Also, try to include benefits and value in the subject line. Avoid spam trigger words like Free, Guaranteed, or Act Now!. The subject line is like a headline, so give equal importance to writing the subject line and email copy.

Try these tips in Subject Line

  • Make it personal and add the reader name
  • Add relevant emoji’s
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Don’t use exclamation points


3. Make use of Pre-header

Usually, it is the first sentence of your email. That appears in the reader’s inbox along with the subject line. Instead of using the first sentences of email, you can write a pre-header separately in such a way that piques reader interest.


4. Optimize Email for Mobile Phones

More than 50% of emails opened on mobile phones. Email subject line and content should be optimized for mobile devices. Usually, four words or 50 characters readers can see in their mobile phones. You can use programs such as GetResponse to preview how your message and subject line renders on both desktop and mobile devices.


5. Call-to-action

Explain to the reader what they need to do next. For example, use these terms, Save Now, Sign Up Now, Join, Demo, Contact Us, Register, Learn More, Get Started, Watch Video. CTA is directly impacting the conversion rate, so make CTA encourage readers to take the desired action. CTA can be a button, text links, and plain text with no links.


6. Email Content

Make your email content “scannable”. And keep your email simple with an attractive visual. So that the reader can scan quickly and decide whether to spend time and attention in reading an email.

Always start your email with quotes, interesting stats and facts, reader concerns and solutions, the latest news, and hot topics. So it helps readers to give more attention to your email.


7. Personalization 

Personalize your email by adding the first name of your reader. Not only the first name you can also use the company name of your reader. Personalizing email will help to get a higher open rate and conversion rate.


8. Send an Email at Right Time

The most effective email sending time is 8 am to 10 am. Understand more about the best time to send an email by reading this article.



Your readers are busy and they get 10 -15 emails each day. But by using email sensibly you can grab their attention and interest. If you follow these tips effectively you will be able to get your emails opened and read.