You are currently viewing 172 Email Spam Trigger Words to Avoid in Your Campaigns

Every marketer should know about spam trigger words that lead your email into spam. Email spam is a common issue in email marketing. There are many reasons to email going to spam and spam trigger words are one of them.

In this article, we’ll look into the realm of email spam and explore some common trigger words marketers should avoid using to maintain their email marketing effectiveness and reputation. Understanding these spam words will empower you to create engaging, authentic, and deliverable content that stands a far better chance of reaching your target audience’s primary inbox.


What are email spam trigger words?

Email spam trigger words are words or phrases that when used in an email’s subject line or content can potentially trigger spam filters. Spam filters are algorithms used by email providers to automatically detect and divert unsolicited or unwanted emails into the recipients’ spam or junk folders.

Using certain spam words, especially in combination with other suspicious characteristics (such as excessive use of punctuation or all caps), can increase the likelihood of your email being flagged as spam. When your emails are consistently marked as spam, it can harm your sender reputation, leading to decreased deliverability rates and affecting the overall success of your email marketing campaigns.


172 email spam trigger words to avoid

In your marketing emails, some words should be used rarely. Let’s explore the most common spam trigger words and identify which ones you should avoid using in your copy.

  1. Act Now
  2. 100% free
  3. Amazing
  4. Congratulations
  5. Guarantee
  6. No credit check
  7. Limited time offer
  8. Cheap
  9. Discount
  10. Money-back
  11. Winner
  12. Cash
  13. Click below
  14. Buy direct
  15. Hidden
  16. Double your income
  17. Earn extra cash
  18. Extra income
  19. Free Consultation
  20. Order now
  21. Reverses aging
  22. Risk-free
  23. Special Promotion
  24. Urgent
  25. Weight loss
  26. As seen on
  27. 50% off
  28. Affordable
  29. Certified
  30. Deal
  31. Increase sales
  32. Instant
  33. Lose weight
  34. No fees
  35. One time
  36. Removes wrinkles
  37. Satisfaction guaranteed
  38. Save big
  39. This isn’t a scam
  40. Trial
  41. Valuable
  42. Earn $$$
  43. You are a winner!
  44. Act fast
  45. Free sample
  46. Apply now
  47. Avoid bankruptcy
  48. Bargain
  49. Best price
  50. Big bucks
  51. Billing address
  52. Bonus
  53. Cash bonus
  54. Clearance
  55. Compare rates
  56. Credit card offers
  57. Debt-free
  58. Fast cash
  59. Financial freedom
  60. Free Gift
  61. Great offer
  62. Hidden assets
  63. Increase traffic
  64. Instant cash
  65. Insurance
  66. Investment
  67. Join millions
  68. Junk
  69. Loans
  70. Last chance
  71. Million dollars
  72. Money-making
  73. Mortgage rates
  74. Don’t delete
  75. No catch
  76. No credit
  77. Allowance
  78. Open
  79. Opportunity
  80. Performance
  81. Pre-approved
  82. Prize
  83. Refinance
  84. Remove
  85. Reverse
  86. Save big money
  87. Search engine listings
  88. Serious cash
  89. Stock alert
  90. Stop snoring
  91. Teen
  92. Unsecured credit
  93. Vacation offers
  94. Viagra
  95. Warranty
  96. What are you waiting for?
  97. While supplies last
  98. Win
  99. Work at home
  100. You have been selected
  101. Your income
  102. Be your own boss
  103. Billing
  104. Billion dollars
  105. Collect child support
  106. Consolidate debt
  107. Earnings
  108. For free
  109. Get out of debt
  110. Investment decision
  111. Money back
  112. One hundred percent free
  113. Per day
  114. Social security number
  115. While you sleep
  116. You’re a winner!
  117. Access
  118. Amazing deal
  119. Apply online
  120. Cancel at any time
  121. Confidentially on all orders
  122. Dear friend
  123. Direct email
  124. Double your cash
  125. Free and FREE
  126. Get it now
  127. Get paid
  128. Giving away
  129. Hidden charges
  130. Home-based
  131. Income
  132. Join millions of Americans
  133. Long-distance phone offer
  134. Lose weight spam
  135. Make Money
  136. No hidden costs
  137. Medicine
  138. Meet singles
  139. Name brand
  140. No age restrictions
  141. Marketing
  142. Passwords
  143. Pure profit
  144. Save up to
  145. No medical exams
  146. No-obligation
  147. Not spam
  148. Offer
  149. No hidden fees
  150. Pennies a day
  151. Prizes
  152. Promise you
  153. No interest
  154. Real thing
  155. Requires initial investment
  156. No investment
  157. Spam
  158. Success
  159. Link
  160. The following form of information
  161. This isn’t junk
  162. Undisclosed
  163. Unsolicited
  164. Unsubscribe
  165. Vacation
  166. Viagra and other drugs
  167. Wants credit card
  168. We hate spam
  169. Why pay more?
  170. Will not believe your eyes
  171. You are a winner
  172. No cost

Make use of spam testing tools to check for spam words in your emails. Tools like GlockApps, InboxAlly, Litmus, and MailerCheck can enhance your email deliverability and response rate.


When and under what circumstances can you use email spam trigger words?

Generally, it’s better to avoid using email spam trigger words in your email marketing campaigns. While it might be tempting to use these words to grab attention or create a sense of urgency, it’s important to remember that the primary goal is to provide value to your subscribers while staying within the guidelines of email best practices and spam regulations.

There are a few exceptional cases where you might use some spam words strategically, but you should exercise caution:

1. Limited promotional campaigns

If you’re running a time-sensitive promotion or flash sale, you might use spam words like “limited time offer” or “act now” sparingly to create urgency. However, combine these words with clear and transparent messaging to maintain trust with your subscribers.

2. Segment-specific targeting

In some cases, specific trigger words might be relevant to a particular segment of your email list. For example, if you have a health and wellness segment, using words like “weight loss” might be acceptable. However, ensure that you have explicit consent from these subscribers to receive such content.

3. Reclamation efforts

If you’re trying to re-engage inactive subscribers or win back customers, you might use trigger words in re-engagement emails to grab their attention. However, focus on providing valuable content rather than solely relying on trigger words.

Remember, even in these cases, it’s essential to use trigger words sparingly and always prioritize delivering value to your subscribers. Overusing these words, especially in a deceptive or misleading manner, can harm your sender reputation, lead to high spam complaints, and decrease your email deliverability rates.


Can spam words affect the entire email?

Yes, spam trigger words can indeed affect the entire email. When you use spam trigger words in your email subject line, sender name, or content, it can increase the likelihood of your email being flagged as spam by email filters. The presence of these spam words along with other suspicious elements like excessive use of punctuation, all caps, or irrelevant content can negatively impact your email deliverability.

If your email is flagged as spam it may not even reach your subscribers’ inbox. Instead, it could be diverted to their spam or junk folder. This directly impacts your email marketing campaign and results in lower open rates, click-through rates, and overall engagement.

Here’s an example of a spam email using words like “Claim,” “Credits,” and “Free” in the content. ISPs detect such emails as spam and move them to the junk folder.

Spam trigger words


Final Thoughts

Using spam words in your content, preview text, and subject line is not recommended in email marketing. It’s best to avoid these spam words to ensure a better campaign response. Choose the best email marketing platform that detects spam words before sending an email. While there may be rare exceptions where you can use few words to promote your product. Using them regularly can cause issues with email deliverability. So, for a successful email campaign, it’s wise to steer clear of spam words and focus on delivering valuable content to your subscribers.

In the ever-evolving landscape of email spam filters, remember that staying on the right side of ethical marketing practices will yield more significant long-term benefits. As you continue your email marketing journey, let your creativity, innovation, and dedication to your audience be your guiding lights. By keeping best practices in mind, you can forge a successful path in email marketing and foster meaningful connections with your subscribers for years to come.