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Every marketer wants to know the best time to send an email. If you send an email at the right time the result of the campaign is a lot better. Right timing affects your campaign open and click-through rate.

In this post, you will understand the best time to send an email campaign. But the best time differs from business to business; the same time will not work for every business. Also will show you how to find the best timing for your business.

Recently, GetResponse analyzed 4 billion emails from 1,000 active senders. They found in general the highest click-to-open rates are 10 AM at 21%, 1 PM at 22%, and spike at near 6 PM. The data shows that when most people begin or conclude their day that time they check most emails.


Best Day to Send an Email Campaign

There are millions of reports and metrics that tell you the best time to send out emails. After going through reports and studies, I found out the best day and time to send an email campaign. But consider this as a benchmark and there is room for improvement based on your business. Prioritize your send days in this order.

1. Tuesday – The best day to send an email.

2. Thursday – If you send two emails a week, choose Thursday for your second day.

3. Wednesday – While Wednesday wasn’t the most popular, it was mentioned several times.


The Best Time To Send Email Is…

While many studies varying results, here is how you can prioritize your send times based on data:

1) 10 am – While late-morning send times were the most popular in general, several studies concluded that the best time to send emails is at 10 a.m. And another notable time is 11 am.

2) 8 am – 8 am is a great way to capture the ones who check emails first thing in the morning.

3) 2 pm – This time is more successful because people are checking emails during break time.

4) 8 pm – People check emails before going to bed.

5) 6 am – 50% of you begin the day by checking email early in the morning.

These times are when people are most likely to be active online. However, you can easily see that there’s no consistency in sending emails on the exact day or time.

Test Yourself for the Best Days and Times to Send an Email Campaign

Follow this exercise to find out the best time and day for yourself.

# 1. Tuesday | 10 am

# 2. Thursday | 8 am

# 3. Wednesday | 2 pm

# 4. Tuesday | 6 am

# 5. Thursday | 10 am

# 6. Wednesday | 8 am

# 7. Tuesday | 2 pm

# 8. Thursday | 6 am

# 9. Wednesday | 10 am

# 10. Tuesday | 8 am

# 11. Thursday | 2 pm

# 12. Wednesday | 6 am



There is a lot of data available with regards to the best time to send an email but answers are different based on audience, content, goal, and results. While sending email campaigns always use a time zone-based sending option, so it will send at exactly 10 am in all the time zones.

Again, consumer behavior keeps on changing and performance differs based on your ultimate goal. Keep on experimenting and see what works best for your business.