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Email marketing is becoming essential for every business to engage with new clients, promote new products, and boost ROI. Here is a 12 email marketing checklist to support your email performance and growth.

1. Segment Your Prospect List(s)

  • Develop multiple personas & develop unique messaging
  • Strong value propositions to highlight their fears & motivation

2. Subject Line

  • Is it relevant to the email content/offer?
  • Does it grab attention? Would YOU open it?

3. Pique Curiosity

  • Your first sentence needs to pique curiosity.
  • A connection statement can establish rapport

4. Don’t Make It All About You

  • Spell out exactly how you can help them
  • You are doing it wrong if the first line reads anything like: “My name is Joe Salesdude and I run strategy at XYZ Corp, the leader in world-class jargon optimizing software

5. Get On My Level

  • Write like a peer, not a direct report. Casual and conversational.
  • Avoid these weak words: “I hope…”, “I was going…”, “I see…”, “just…

6. Establish Credibility

  • Provide social proof referencing your customers and/or data
  • Best references are competitors or from a relevant industry

7. Personalize

  • Show the prospect you did your homework
  • Use custom inserts like {FName} or {Company}

8. Keep It Short

  • 2-3 sentences is ideal and 3-5 is tolerable
  • Do you like reading long emails? Why should they?

9. Micro-Conversions

  • Don’t come on too strong with your call-to-action
  • The goal of an email is to get a response not close a deal

10. Follow-Up

  • At least 7 follow-ups until you get a yes or no
  • Automate your sending, tracking, and optimization

11. Don’t Send Naked Emails

  • Naked emails offer no value to the prospect
  • Writing ‘just checking in’ will get your email ignored or deleted

12. Send or schedule your email

  • Send an email at the right time
  • Normally 9 AM to 12 PM works better



Keep on trying different email marketing strategies and apply them in your regular campaign. This email marketing checklist will help you to boost your email marketing performance.