You are currently viewing 12 Email Marketing Checklist You Must Aware in 2024

Email marketing is becoming essential for every business to engage with new clients, promote new products, and boost ROI. Here is a 12 email marketing checklist to support your email performance and growth.

1. Segment Your Prospect List(s)

  • Develop multiple personas & develop unique messaging
  • Strong value propositions to highlight their fears & motivation

2. Subject Line

  • Is it relevant to the email content/offer?
  • Does it grab attention? Would YOU open it?

3. Pique Curiosity

  • Your first sentence needs to pique curiosity.
  • A connection statement can establish rapport

4. Don’t Make It All About You

  • Spell out exactly how you can help them
  • You are doing it wrong if the first line reads anything like: “My name is Joe Salesdude and I run strategy at XYZ Corp, the leader in world-class jargon optimizing software

5. Get On My Level

  • Write like a peer, not a direct report. Casual and conversational.
  • Avoid these weak words: “I hope…”, “I was going…”, “I see…”, “just…

6. Establish Credibility

  • Provide social proof referencing your customers and/or data
  • Best references are competitors or from a relevant industry

7. Personalize

  • Show the prospect you did your homework
  • Use custom inserts like {FName} or {Company}

8. Keep It Short

  • 2-3 sentences is ideal and 3-5 is tolerable
  • Do you like reading long emails? Why should they?

9. Micro-Conversions

  • Don’t come on too strong with your call-to-action
  • The goal of an email is to get a response not close a deal

10. Follow-Up

  • At least 7 follow-ups until you get a yes or no
  • Automate your sending, tracking, and optimization

11. Don’t Send Naked Emails

  • Naked emails offer no value to the prospect
  • Writing ‘just checking in’ will get your email ignored or deleted

12. Send or schedule your email

  • Send an email at the right time
  • Normally 9 AM to 12 PM works better



Keep on trying different email marketing strategies and apply them in your regular campaign. This email marketing checklist will help you to boost your email marketing performance.