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Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in a sea of lead-generation tools? With too many options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which one is the right fit for your business. Here we will compare the most popular lead generation tools Hunter vs PhantomBuster.

With Hunter and PhantomBuster, you can connect with any professional, extract emails, enrich data, search domains, build prospect lists, verify emails, send messages, automate sales tasks, and more. But which one is the more effective in terms of features, cost, and reliability? Let’s look out for this Hunter vs PhantomBuster comparison.


Hunter vs PhantomBuster: Overview

Here is a quick overview of Hunter vs PhantomBuster


What is a Hunter?

Hunter is an all-in-one lead generation platform that helps find the prospect’s email addresses, verify email addresses, and send cold email campaigns to generate more leads for your business.

Hunter is trusted by leading companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco, Canva, Salesloft, Gartner, Salesforce, and more to build the sales pipeline.


Are there any Hunter alternatives?

Yes. There are many lead generation tools like Hunter which are more effective and reliable. Let’s check out Hunter alternatives here.


What is a PhantomBuster?

PhantomBuster stands out as a robust lead automation tool, streamlining your entire lead generation and prospecting process. With features such as automated lead generation, data enrichment, over 100 pre-built lead generation workflows, and time-saving automation for social media lead generation, it empowers you to send personalized messages and more.

These abundant features simplify your tasks, allowing you to focus more on strategic planning and closing deals. Trusted by over 100,000 businesses including notable companies like Pinterest, Upflow, Side, Swapcard, Germinal, Qonto, and others. PhantomBuster is a go-to solution for lead generation needs. For further details, read our review on PhantomBuster.

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Hunter vs PhantomBuster: Feature Comparison

Here is the one-by-one features comparison chart of Hunter vs PhantomBuster. This comparison chart aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the features, helping you determine the greater power and capabilities between the options.

Features and Actions



Free Trial 14 days 25 Credits
Starting Pricing $56 / month $49 / month
Compatibility with Linkedin Free and Sales Navigator, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps, etc. Linkedin
Social media automation Yes No
Find Email Address Yes Yes
Find Phone numbers Yes No
Tracking and Reporting Yes No
Leads Export / Import Yes Yes
Email Verifier No Yes
Auto Connect Yes No
Like & comment Yes No
Send Messages on the social media network Yes No
Data Enrichment Yes No
Send Cold Emails No Yes
Safety & Security Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes
24/7 customer support Chat, email, and phone Chat and email
TechLookup No Yes

You can clearly see that PhantomBuster offers more features than Hunter. Apart from a cold email campaign, you will get all the features in PhantomBuster.


Hunter vs PhantomBuster: Pricing

When comparing Hunter pricing with PhantomBuster. Hunter is the cheapest option for finding emails. But Hunter does not provide the correct email address, it uses a commonly used email pattern as a reference and create an email address. That’s why you have to use an additional step to verify your email address. That is also included in every Hunter pricing plan.

However, commonly used email patterns can also be identified in Google for free. By just using this query (“@domain name” email) you will get email patterns. Then use a common email pattern and create the email addresses of your prospects. I know it is time-consuming and better to use Hunter.

On the other hand, PhantomBuster comes with a slightly higher pricing but offers exceptional value for every penny spent. It goes beyond being just an email-finding tool, serving as a comprehensive lead-generation platform for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, GitHub, YouTube, Yellow Pages, Google Maps, and more. PhantomBuster stands out as a powerful and reliable automation platform.

Let’s see a pricing comparison of Hunter vs PhantomBuster

Hunter Pricing Plans

Hunter is more budget-friendly.

Hunter Pricing

PhantomBuster Pricing Plans

PhantomBuster, although pricier, offers a robust suite of features.

PhantomBuster Pricing

Pricing is the most important part of decision-making. You can see that Hunter is the cheapest option. But in terms of features, PhantomBuster is an excellent choice to consider. Now it completely depends on your needs. Choose the option that aligns with your requirements.


Hunter vs PhantomBuster: Pros & Cons

Dive into the comparison of Hunter and PhantomBuster as we weigh their respective pros and cons.

Hunter Pros and Cons



  • Get 50 credits for Free
  • Find anyone’s email address
  • Verify the email address without switching the tool
  • Initiate email campaigns after lead collection
  • Build a list of technology users
  • Chrome extension for easy lead extraction
  • Effortless integration with Google Sheets and other apps
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Lack of lead automation
  • Lack of email accuracy
  • Limited features
  • No social media automation
  • Outdated
  • Do not provide a phone number



PhantomBuster Pros and Cons



  • Best free trial plan to explore all the features
  • Powerful Chrome extensions work all over the web
  • Simple tool to find the email and phone numbers of prospects
  • Automated complete lead generation task on Linkedin
  • Work as an automation platform on Social media
  • Get accurate and reliable results
  • Save a lot of manual effort and time
  • Use credits of other platforms by using API
  • Get verified contacts with the highest accuracy
  • Extract contacts from Google Maps, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, Reddit, Followers and more.
  • Pricing is slightly higher side
  • Complicated for new users
  • Limitation for Linkedin lead extraction






Hunter vs PhantomBuster: Which Is Better?

Let’s look into the comparison between Hunter and PhantomBuster to discern which platform is superior for your needs. Uncover the strengths and capabilities of each, guiding you towards the better choice for your requirements.


1. Domain Search

In Hunter, you can find email addresses by name, domain name, or company name. Whereas in PhantomBuster you have the option to use Phantom called “Professional Email Finder” which extracts professional email addresses by full name and company name or website within seconds.

Both tools are capable of finding emails from prospect names and company names. But for each contact, you may not find an email address, it depends on the availability of that prospect and given information.

Winner: Hunter and PhantomBuster are both reliable options for email discovery.


2. Email Finder

Email finder is the main feature of Hunter you can find the email address of any prospects. With the help of the Hunter Chrome extension, you can find emails on the web. However, Hunter does not provide an exact email address. It either provides public sources or the most common email pattern with the confidence score. Further you need to verify with email validation software.

Whereas PhantomBuster is a more effective email finder than Hunter. You can find anyone’s email address with their name, company name, and domain, and also from online sources like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or any other website with highly accurate email. In PhantomBuster you will get the correct and verified email address. Let’s learn how to extract emails from LinkedIn.

Winner: In this case, PhantomBuster is the clear winner.


3. Email Verifier

In Hunter, you will get an email verifier to verify the extracted email address. It’s not free but is included in every plan with limits. Whereas in PhantomBuster you will not get an email verifier but the accurate and verified email address, so no need to verify further.

It’s always best practice to verify email addresses before sending an email. You can verify email addresses with other email verification software. But Hunter has an in-built email verifier that gives you added advantages to verify email addresses.

Winner: In this case, Hunter is the clear winner.


4. Campaigns

In Hunter, you will get cold email campaign features that help you send emails to recipients. Once you collect the recipient’s email addresses you can directly send a campaign from Hunter. Hunter each plan offers a sending option, so you can choose a plan according to your needs.

Whereas in PhantomBuster, you will not get the email-sending option. Either you need to rely on email marketing software or you can use popular cold email platforms like OutreachBin,, GMass, and more.

Winner: If you’re in search of a lead generation platform with email-sending capabilities. Then Hunter is the go-to choice.


5. Browser Extension

Both platforms offer Chrome extensions. You can find any one email address on the web. But the PhantomBuster chrome extension is more powerful than Hunter. PhantomBuster works on Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Github, Instagram, Twitter, Yellow Pages, Google Maps, and other websites.

PhantomBuster provides a verified and accurate email address. Not like Hunter which provides a commonly used email pattern with a confidence score.

Winner: The PhantomBuster extension works smoothly without any interruptions.


6. TechLookup

TechLookup is a useful feature for IT and software industry professionals. If you want to target specific technology users then you can identify them in Hunter TechLookup.

For instance, if you wish to reach Shopify users for product promotion. You can leverage Hunter’s TechLookup feature, which includes a database of 200,065 websites using Shopify. By downloading the company list, searching for emails in Hunter, and then reaching out with your offer. This makes the process easier and connect with prospects much faster.

On the other hand, PhantomBuster lacks the TechLookup feature. If your focus isn’t on the IT industry or technology-specific companies, PhantomBuster remains a useful tool, though you may need to rely on other platforms for technology-related information.

Winner: In this case, Hunter is the clear winner.


7. API

In Hunter, you have access to a dependable API for discovering and verifying emails, as well as managing leads and campaigns. Utilizing API calls allows for a smooth execution of lead generation tasks.

Similarly, in PhantomBuster, you can leverage an API for automation. If you have remaining credits in other data enrichment tools such as Hunter, Dropcontact, lemlist, or you can make use of those credits within PhantomBuster to accomplish your tasks efficiently.

Winner: Both tools have reliable API with proper documentation.


8. Linkedin Automation

LinkedIn automation streamlines lead generation tasks on LinkedIn, encompassing activities like exporting LinkedIn Search results, extracting leads from LinkedIn Groups, outreach, sending messages, follow-ups, connection requests, auto-comments, posting, liking, endorsing, and more. PhantomBuster stands out by allowing automation of all LinkedIn activities, providing a comprehensive solution to save time and effort in lead generation.

On the other hand, Hunter does not offer LinkedIn automation. It provides basic features that justify its pricing.

Winner: PhantomBuster emerges as the clear winner in this context.


9. Google Maps Search Export

PhantomBuster excels in extracting emails, phone numbers, and social media information from Google Maps search results. Learn how to extract emails and phone numbers from Google Maps here.

In contrast, Hunter does not offer the option to extract contacts from Google Maps.

Winner: PhantomBuster is the preferred choice for Google Maps extraction.


10. Twitter Automation

PhantomBuster extends its capabilities to automate Twitter tasks, allowing you to schedule posts, retweet, like tweets, collect followers, follow influencers, and more as part of your daily routine.

In contrast, Hunter does not support these Twitter activities, lacking the features that would facilitate such tasks.

Winner: PhantomBuster stands out as an excellent choice for Twitter automation.


11. Instagram Automation

This useful feature you only get in PhantomBuster. Like Twitter, you can also automate Instagram to connect with your audience. All Instagram activities can be automated using PhantomBuster’s Instagram automation. On the flip side, Hunter does not offer these functionalities.

Winner: PhantomBuster emerges as the comprehensive solution to consider.


12. Yellow Pages

If you are collecting leads from Yellow Pages, then you can use PhantomBuster to extract leads with email addresses and phone numbers. This is a simple and useful extraction solution you get in PhantomBuster that helps you build an extensive prospect list for outreach. The more number of people you reach the more revenue you can expect.

On the other hand, Hunter does not have a Yellow Pages extraction solution.

Winner: PhantomBuster is the best option for Yellow Pages lead generation.



Both Hunter and PhantomBuster offer unique features catering to distinct needs. While Hunter is a cost-effective option with a focus on email discovery. PhantomBuster stands out as a versatile platform offering comprehensive lead generation automation across various platforms.

The choice between the two ultimately depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Consider the features, pricing, and overall functionality to make an informed decision based on your business goals.