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You could say that Dripify vs Linked Helper is a battle of titans! Dripify is a widely popular service across marketers able to deliver on-point features, advanced automation, seamless experience, LinkedIn prospecting, and closing deals on autopilot. Read Dripify review for complete overview.

On the flip side, Linked Helper is budget budget-friendly and well-established service known for its advanced automation options to build brand awareness, generate sales, and hire talent.

Without delay, let’s explore what each service brings to the table, allowing you to determine which one best suits your business requirements.


Dripify vs Linked Helper: Feature Comparison

Here is the features comparison table to get you started.

Features and Actions


Linked Helper

Free Trial 7 days 14 days
Starting Price $39/ Month $15/ Month
Application Web-based Desktop based
Compatibility with Free, Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite Free, Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite
Advanced Analytics Yes No
Integration Webhook & Zapier Zapier, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Close
Leads Export/Import Yes Yes
Email Finder Tool Limits 100 emails /month 620 to 3,100 emails/month
Drip Campaigns Unlimited Unlimited
Team Management Yes No
Safety & Security Yes No
Invite Acceptance Rate 68% 15-25%
Pre-built Sequence Templates Yes Yes
Custom Variables 15+ Limited
Connection Requests Limit 500/ Week 100/ Week
LinkedIn Automation Tool Yes Yes
Activity Control Only in advance plan Starts with the basic plan
24/7 customer support Chat and Email Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, web chat, or email
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Dripify vs Linked Helper: Which Is the Best LinkedIn Automation Tool?

Let’s take a closer look at each feature to help you choose the best LinkedIn lead-generation tool for your business. Both tools are excellent choices for marketers, sales professionals, and recruiters.

1. Interface

In Dripify, you’ll find a user-friendly web-based cloud platform accessible from anywhere. It allows you to smoothly execute tasks without interruptions.


On the other hand, Linked Helper is a desktop-based application requiring installation on your system. Utilizing a desktop app poses risks such as viruses and backup issues. Without the app, you can’t run campaigns, and the system must remain on for specific tasks. Linked Helper suffers from a clunky user experience and numerous bugs that need to be rectified to make better LinkedIn automation software.

Dripify vs Linked Helper

Winner: In terms of interface and user experience, Dripify is the trusted and well-established LinkedIn automation platform that enhances user experience with its smooth functionality.


2. Free Trial

In Dripify, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial without any credit card requirement. Get access to all features and explore Dripify for free. Whereas Linked Helper offers a 14-day free trial with full access to its features, but you must install the Linked Helper software on your system to make it work.

By trying out the free trials of both Dripify and Linked Helper, you’ll gain a better understanding of which platform is more capable and effective.


3. Pricing Plans

Dripify pricing plan starts at $39/month with basic features and goes up to $79/month with unlimited features. Dripify is the most advanced and reliable LinkedIn automation tool trusted by Fortune 500 companies to Startup companies.

Dripify Pricing

On the other hand, Linked Helper pricing starts at $15/month with limited features and goes up to $45/month with unlimited features. Linked Helper is the cheapest LinkedIn automation software compared to Dripify.

Linked Helper Price

Winner: If you are looking for a more budget-friendly lead-generation platform then Linked Helper is for you.


4. Email Finder Tool

In Dripify, you’ll get an email finder tool designed to assist you in getting the email and phone numbers of potential leads. However, it’s restricted to just 100 emails per month, which is significantly lower compared to Linked Helper.

Whereas Linked Helper also offers an email-finding solution, providing between 620 to 3,100 email search credits per month. This enables you to discover a larger number of prospect emails, which can be utilized for email campaigns. Linked Helper boasts a delivery rate ranging between 60-89%, depending on your target audience.

Winner: If you’re aiming to uncover more emails for a cold email campaign, utilizing an email finder tool can be highly beneficial. When comparing Dripify vs Linked Helper, you’ll find that Linked Helper offers a distinct advantage in email discovery.


5. Scraper and Export

With the help of the Dripify LinkedIn profile scraper, you can export LinkedIn contacts to a CSV file with lots of important data available including email addresses, phone numbers, and more. Similarly, Linked Helper also offers the capability to export prospect data to CSV files, ensuring all necessary information is included.

Both platforms offer these features, enhancing the efficiency of lead-generation efforts.


6. LinkedIn Automation

Dripify is a powerful LinkedIn automation platform designed to streamline various tasks including creating sales funnels, data scraping, messaging, connecting, liking, posting, commenting, endorsing skills, viewing profiles, following, withdrawing connection requests, and more. It allows for complete automation of LinkedIn activities, ultimately saving time on lead generation efforts.


On the other hand, Linked Helper offers similar features along with additional capabilities such as messaging group members, messaging event attendees, inviting 1st-degree connections to follow a page, and more. However, it’s important to note that excessive use of automated features poses the risk of LinkedIn account suspension. Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution and utilize automation features within reasonable limits.

Linked Helper Drip campaign

Winner: Both platforms boast LinkedIn automation features, but Linked Helper offers a wider array of functionalities compared to Dripify. However, when considering safety and reliability, Dripify emerges as the preferred choice for overall performance.


7. Integration with 3rd party CRMs

In Dripify, there isn’t a direct integration feature available to connect with third-party apps. Instead, you’ll need to utilize Zapier and Webhooks, which enables connectivity with over 1000+ apps including HubSpot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, SendGrid, and more.

Dripify Integration

Linked Helper directly integrates with HubSpot, Pipedrive,, and Close. While these options are more limited, they can help reduce costs associated with Zapier. If you need more apps then you can connect through Zapier and Webhooks.


8. Hyper-personalization Messages

In Dripify, you can customize messages by incorporating the recipient’s first name, company name, and other relevant contact fields, creating personalized messages tailored specifically for them. This personalized approach leads to increased engagement rates and higher conversion rates.

Conversely, Linked Helper offers advanced personalization options where you can include pictures, animated graphics, and custom variables, thereby altering the appearance and tone of your messages. Both platforms excel in sending highly personalized messages, resulting in better reply rates.


9. Limitation

Dripify and Linked Helper offer a plethora of unlimited features aimed at enhancing lead generation for your business. However, in Dripify, you can grow your LinkedIn audience at a faster rate compared to Linked Helper. This is because Dripify has the capability to bypass LinkedIn’s weekly invitation limit, enabling you to send up to 500 invitations per week.

In contrast, Linked Helper adheres to LinkedIn’s limitations and restricts users to a maximum of 100 invitations per week. Therefore, if you’re looking to accelerate the growth of your audience, Dripify presents itself as the preferable option.


10. Advanced Analytics

With Dripify, you can access comprehensive campaign performance insights, including LinkedIn engagement rates, profile usage statistics, campaign activity, messages sent, connection requests sent, endorsements, and more. The Dripify dashboard allows you to monitor your daily activity and usage effectively.

Dripify Advanced Analytics

On the flip side, Linked Helper provides only basic analytics, which may not adequately track your campaign performance. Without accurate campaign performance data, running an effective lead-generation campaign becomes challenging. In this regard, Dripify offers superior analytics capabilities to facilitate informed campaign decision-making.

Linked Helper Analytics


11. Customer Support

Now let’s see how Dripify and Linked Helper handle users when they need customer support.

Dripify offers various channels for support. There is a video tutorial, an extensive knowledge base, and other useful webinars and tutorials. And also provide 24/7 email and chat support.

Whereas, with Linked Helper you can connect through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, web chat, or email. It has support articles, tips for users, and webinars to help beginners with complete guidance.

Both tools offer 24/7 excellent customer support service, you can trust Dripify and Linked Helper for their quick and accessible support.


12. Team Management

In Dripify, you can effortlessly manage an entire sales team by swiftly onboarding them, assigning roles, and monitoring their LinkedIn performance with just a few clicks. Additionally, you have the flexibility to set limits for each user and oversee your entire campaign from the Dripify dashboard which provides comprehensive control.


On the flip side, Linked Helper lacks these features. Users are limited to a standard account, where only one account can be managed and limits can be set. There’s no provision for assigning roles or managing users from a single dashboard. Dripify functions more like a complete CRM, facilitating the creation of users and managing all aspects directly from the platform.


13. Safety & Security

Dripify is a cloud-based platform with an extra layer of security to protect your LinkedIn accounts. It’s accessible from anywhere and generates unique IPs from your region that enhance the security of your LinkedIn account.

Dripify Safety & Security

Linked Helper, on the other hand, is a desktop app whose safety relies solely on your system. It’s not the safest LinkedIn automation tool, as there’s a higher risk of account suspension. Linked Helper modifies LinkedIn’s HTML, which can flag your LinkedIn account. Some users have already experienced LinkedIn account suspension.

If you compare LinkedIn Helper with Dripify then Dripify is the most trusted and safest LinkedIn automation tool to be considered.


14. Proven Track Record

Dripify has a track record of high conversion and acceptance rates. It boasts a 68% invite acceptance rate, a 42% message response rate, and a 65% overall conversion rate. These results are based on the long-term usage of Dripify across various subscription plans over time.

On the other side, Linked Helper there is no proven track record of users. For better results and effectiveness, choosing Dripify as your LinkedIn lead generation platform is advisable.


15. Drip Campaigns

With Dripify, you can easily create an automated sales funnel by utilizing various LinkedIn actions. You can set time delays, select smart conditions, and enhance LinkedIn lead generation. Additionally, you have the option to conduct A/B testing with your audiences, connection request notes, and message templates across multiple campaigns to determine the most effective approach.

Whereas Linked Helper offers similar features, but as it’s a desktop app, you need to keep your system running to process the automation sequence. This requirement is sometimes impractical. Thus, this is another feature that Linked Helper lacks.



When weighing the options between Dripify vs Linked Helper for LinkedIn automation, several factors come into play. Dripify emerges as a comprehensive solution, offering cloud-based accessibility, robust security measures, proven track records of conversion rates, and a wide array of features including automated sales funnel creation and A/B testing capabilities.

On the other hand, while Linked Helper provides similar functionalities, its reliance on desktop usage and potential risks of account suspension due to HTML modifications pose limitations.

Ultimately, for users seeking a trusted, efficient, and secure LinkedIn automation tool, Dripify stands out as the preferable choice.