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Email verification is a significant way to improve deliverability and engagement rate in email marketing. But if you’re not using the right tool for email verification then you will see higher bounce rate and deliverability issues. I think after research, you have shortlisted the two email verification tools. But now you are confused about EmailListVerify vs NeverBounce.

Which one is better? The ultimate comparison between both these email verification providers will help you decide on that. You’ll get to know the differences between EmailListVerify and NeverBounce, along with the pricing, features, and accuracy.


EmailListVerify vs NeverBounce: Overview


What is EmailListVerify?

EmailListVerify is full-featured email verification software. EmailListVerify helps to detect and remove hard bounces, spam traps, abuses, fake email addresses, and inactive email addresses from your list and protect your sender reputation. EmailListVerify is one of the low-cost email verification tools.

Apart from email verification, EmailListVerify offers free tools like an email health checker, blacklist checker, email extractor, and MX lookup to achieve higher email deliverability.


EmailListVerify: Top Features & Benefits

  • Signup and get 100 credits for free
  • Ensure 99% accuracy and deliverability
  • Save money on email verification software
  • Protect sender reputation
  • Offer reliable bulk email verification service
  • Increase ROI of email marketing campaigns
  • Directly integrates with your ESP or email platform
  • Implement real-time API to check emails in signup forms
  • Check sender reputation by using EmailListVerify free tools


What is NeverBounce?

NeverBounce is a trusted and reputed bulk email verification software. NeverBounce clean billions of emails every month and help their clients to reach more people with minimum efforts. Over 125000 users depend on NeverBounce for list cleaning services.

NeverBounce seamlessly integrates with 80+ marketing apps like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Act-on, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, ClickFunnels, Constant Contact, Drip, Formsite, Formlets, Google Forms, Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, Moosend and more.


NeverBounce: Top Features & Benefits

  • Up to 99.9% delivery guaranteed
  • Improve database hygiene and deliverability
  • Automatic email cleansing and verification
  • Enterprise API to instant email verification
  • Seamlessly integration with CRM or ESP’s
  • Awesome support and security
  • Refund policy if bounces more than 3%
  • Get quick verification results


EmailListVerify VS NeverBounce: Differences Between the Two

EmailListVerify and NeverBounce offer more or less the same features for email verification. Both the tool provides the highest accuracy and reliability. In this EmailListVerify vs NeverBounce comparison report, you will be able to identify a clear winner.

Features EmailListVerify NeverBounce
Free Plan 100 Credits No Free Trial
Accuracy Rate 99% 99.9%
Single/Bulk Email Validator Yes Yes
Email Bounce Detection Yes Yes
Spam Trap Detection Yes Yes
Detects Duplicates Yes Yes
Email Abuse Detection Yes Yes
Role Account Detection Yes Yes
Disposable Email Detection Yes Yes
Catch-All Domain Detection Yes No
Syntax Errors Validator Yes Yes
Email Verification API Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes
GDPR Compliant Yes Yes
Money-Back Guarantee Yes Yes
24/7 Customer Support Only Chat Chat, Email, and Phone
User Interface Simple and Clean Complicated and Confusing

In terms of features and accuracy both the tools offer awesome verification services. Apart from customer support, there is not much difference between EmailListVerify and NeverBounce. But you cannot ignore EmailListVerify because it provides free 100 credits, detects catch-all emails, and user friendly interface. Now you will be able to see differences but when you see the pricing of EmailListVerify and NeverBounce you will get surprised.


EmailListVerify VS NeverBounce: Pricing Difference

Pricing is the main part of EmailListVerify vs NeverBounce comparison article. Pricing matters a lot to save your marketing cost. Every marketer looking for cost-effective solutions to increase return on investment. There is a better option available in the market you just need to give it a try. EmailListVerify and NeverBounce pricing will open your eyes and give you a clear idea of which one to choose.

Number of Email Credit EmailListVerify NeverBounce
1000 Credits $4 $8
5,000 Credits $15 $40
10,000 Credits $24 $50
25,000 Credits $49 $125
50,000 Credits $89 $250
100,000 Credits $169 $400
250,000 Credits $349 $750
500,000 Credits $449 $1500
1 Million Credits $599 $2500
2 Million Credits $1190 Contact Support Team
5 Million Credits $1990 Contact Support Team

In terms of pricing, you can see the clear winner here. EmailListVerify provides the same features at half price compare to NeverBounce. NeverBounce is a reputed email verifier but not cost-effective email verification software. EmailListVerify offer much better pricing compare to NeverBounce.


EmailListVerify VS NeverBounce: Customer Reviews

Let’s understand what customers have to say about EmailListVerify and NeverBounce

EmailListVerify Customer Reviews

EmailListVerify Customer EmailListVerify Customer review


NeverBounce Customer Reviews

NeverBounce customer NeverBounce customer2


EmailListVerify VS NeverBounce: Pros and Cons

EmailListVerify Pros

NeverBounce Pros

  • Free 100 credits
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • High accuracy
  • Responsive customer support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free email deliverability tools
  • Money-back guaranteed
  • Fast turnaround time
  • 80+ apps integration
  • Excellent chat, email, and phone support
  • Instant bounce analysis
  • Autopilot list cleansing service
  • Refund policy


EmailListVerify Cons

NeverBounce Cons

  • Offer only chat support
  • Limited integration facility
  • Overpriced
  • Less accurate


Why Choose EmailListVerify over NeverBounce?

  • Save Email Marketing Cost

In email marketing, email verification is a crucial part to maintain sender reputation and email deliverability. Each year 30% of emails goes bad. So verifying emails becomes mandatory for marketers. Already you are paying for email marketing software and email verification becomes an additional cost to you. Services like EmailListVerify offers a cost-effective solution to save your marketing cost. It’s better to choose a platform that is affordable and accurate.

  • High Accuracy

EmailListVerify is highly accurate and ensures 99% deliverability. That will help you to reach more people and achieve your organization goal. EmailListVerify is one of the most effective email verification services in the market.

  • Detects Catch-all Emails

Catch-all emails are users who accept to receive all email messages even though the email account is not valid or not created. Those kinds of emails impact your email deliverability and lower the open rate. EmailListVerify is capable of identifying catch-all emails and removing it from your list.

  • Free Email deliverability tools

EmailListVerify provides free deliverability tools like an email health checker, blacklist checker, email extractor, and MX lockup. These tools are free to use without any limitations. By using these tools you can maintain a good sender reputation and high inbox deliverability.

  • Fast, Reliable, and Affordable

EmailListVerify is high-speed email verification software that provides accurate results at minimum cost.

  • Simple and Clean Interface

Easy to use tool with clear instructions. Only required 3 steps to verify an email list.

1. Upload your email list
2. Validate all email address
3. Download your verified list


Summarizing the EmailListVerify vs NeverBounce

EmailListVerify and NeverBounce both are impressive email verification tools. Both offer high accuracy and reliability. Feature-wise also both tools looks great. But when comes to pricing EmailListVerify provides far better pricing than NeverBounce.

I hope this EmailListVerify vs NeverBounce comparison article helped you to get your answer. Now your decision which one you want to choose. I recommend just create free account and try verifying the list. Once you are happy with the results then decide. Also, check here NeverBounce alternatives.