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As a marketer choosing the right email verification software is challenging and confusing. In this MyEmailVerifier vs ZeroBounce comparison, you’ll be able to decide on the best email verification software that matters the most for you.

Both MyEmailVerifier and ZeroBounce can catch invalid and inaccurate email addresses. They are also capable of identifying spam traps, duplicate emails, disposable emails, catch-all domains, syntax errors, no MX records, role-based emails, and other errors.

While there are similarities between the both, there are a few differences as well. Let’s jump straight into MyEmailVerifier and ZeroBounce comparison and we’ll individually understand each software. Sounds fair? Let’s get started right now.


What is MyEmailVerifier?

MyEmailVerifier is an outstanding email verification tool. Serving more than 28,000 customers with a powerful email verification service. MyEmailVerifier helps you to keep your list clean and accurate. Offer 99% deliverability guarantee with a reasonable and cost-effective price.


MyEmailVerifier: Top Features & Benefits

Have a look at some of the top benefits of using

  • Offer 99% deliverability guarantee
  • Reasonable and budget-friendly pricing plan
  • Simple and powerful verification tool
  • Signup and get 500 credits for Free
  • Quick and responsive support team
  • No credit or debit card is required for Signup
  • Comfortably identifies spam trap, syntax error, invalid emails, etc.
  • Effortlessly integrates with your email marketing platform

Read MyEmailVerifier review, if you want to dig deeper. In this post, you will learn the top features and benefits of using the software.


What is ZeroBounce?

ZeroBounce is the most popular and trusted email validation service provider. ZeroBounce is the number one email verifier for 100000+customers. A few of the major customers are LinkedIn, Samsung, Airhub, Intel, Hotjar, and more.

ZeroBounce highly advance technology makes sure your email reaches to customer’s inbox. By verifying emails with ZeroBounce you can reduce bounce rate and improve email deliverability.


ZeroBounce: Features & Benefits

  • Offer 98% accuracy guarantee
  • Secure and fast email validation
  • 24/7 chat, email, and phone support
  • Easily connect with email service providers (ESP)
  • Detects spam traps, disposable and catch-all emails
  • Monthly verify 100 emails for free
  • GDPR, SOC 2, and PCI compliant
  • Money-back guarantee

ZeroBounce is an effective and efficient email verification platform. It has everything you need for the best email verification software.


MyEmailVerifier vs ZeroBounce: Differences Between the Two

There is not much difference between MyEmailVerifier and ZeroBounce. Both verification tools are powerful and effective. In this MyEmailVerifier vs ZeroBounce comparison chart, you will get detailed information to make the right decision.

Main Features MyEmailVerifier ZeroBounce
Free Plan 500 credits 100 credits
Single/Bulk Email Validator Yes Yes
Email Bounce Detection Yes Yes
Spam Trap Detection Yes Yes
Detects Duplicates Yes Yes
GDPR Compliant Yes Yes
Email Abuse Detection Yes Yes
Email Data Append Yes Yes
Role Account Detection Yes Yes
Social Append No Yes
Disposable Email Detection Yes Yes
Catch-All Domain Detection Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes
Accuracy Rate 99% 98%
Money-Back Guarantee No Yes
Email verification API Yes Yes
Identify disabled users in yahoo/AOL Yes No
Detailed SMTP Response Yes No
Integrations Yes Yes
Customer Satisfaction 100% 95%

ZeroBounce provides more features compared to MyEmailVerifier. But both verification tools are capable of serving your purpose.


MyEmailVerifier vs ZeroBounce: Pricing Difference

Pricing is the most important factor when choosing any software or tools. Customer makes decisions based on pricing and features. In this chart, you will get to know the pricing difference between MyEmailVerifier and ZeroBounce.

Number of Email Credit MyEmailVerifier ZeroBounce
500 credits $1.44 Minimum order (2000 Credits)
1000 credits $2.88 Minimum order (2000 Credits)
2000 credits $5.04 $16
5,000 credits $12.60 $39
10,000 credits $21.60 $65
20,000 credits $43.20 $130
50,000 credits $49 $325
100,000 credits $99 $390
250,000 credits $199 $750
500,000 credits $299 $1500
1 Million credits $399 $2250
2 Million credits $900 Please Contact Team
5 Million credits $1800 Please Contact Team

Note: here one credit equals to one email verification

You can see there is a huge pricing difference between MyEmailVerifier and ZeroBounce. MyEmailVerifier offers an exceptionally lowest pricing plan whereas ZeroBounce offers a bit high pricing plan compared to MyEmailVerifier.


MyEmailVerifier vs ZeroBounce: Customer Reviews

MyEmailVerifier Customer Reviews

“ I like because of its perfection of email verification that is almost 99%.They have robust infrastructure and do verification process within a short period of time”  Email Marketer

“This tool is awesome not only its cheaper than competitors, but it has 99% accuracy which is higher than other tools. “ Marketing Manager

ZeroBounce Customer Reviews

“ZeroBounce has been awesome! Digital Marketing Manager

“ZeroBounce is easy to use, and it helps to figure out if your emails are real or not. I love ZeroBounce.” Demand Generation Manager


Why Choose MyEmailVerifier over ZeroBounce?

  • Save Money With MyEmailVerifier

Stop overpaying for email verification service. Get the best features at a cheaper cost. Offer simple and flexible pricing without any hidden costs.

  • Highest Accuracy Guaranteed

MyEmailVerifier provides the highest accuracy in the industry. Once you verify your email with MyEmailVerifier platform you will get 99% email delivery rate. As a result, you get better campaign response and performance.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

Compare to ZeroBounce, MyEmailVerifier takes less time to verify the email list. Its robust and stable email verification infrastructure supports a high-volume list with minimum turnaround time.

  • No Minimum Order, Pay As You Go

Likewise ZeroBounce, there is no any minimum order policy in MyEmailVerifier. Pay according to your needs and credits never expire.


Summarizing the MyEmailVerifier vs ZeroBounce

Both MyEmailVerifier and ZeroBounce are awesome email verification tools. Both verification tools have their own pros and cons. One offers advance features and another offers attractive pricing. Now I think you have a clear idea of which one to choose.

If you are more price-conscious then go for MyEmailVerifier. Or else if you are looking for advance features and detailed reports then go for ZeroBounce.