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If you are looking for SendX alternatives that means you have a growing business that needs advance email marketing software. SendX is a budget-friendly email marketing software that serves the purpose of email marketing. SendX has all the features that other email marketing software provides. But the only problem with SendX is the ease of use.

SendX is not a user-friendly email marketing software. Using SendX system is sometimes frustrating and irritating. For beginners, it’s the best email marketing tool to send emails and maintain a subscriber list. When you start growing your business you need advance email marketing software, but SendX fails to deliver and you will face a lot of problems like reporting, deliverability, complicated automation, lack of support, limited templates, and a lagging system.

When that happens, it’s always the best way to look for SendX alternatives rather than sticking to it. If you have a concern about pricing then SendX offers better pricing than competitors. Only a few alternatives can match SendX pricing. Let’s dive into more details.

There are more than 100 email marketing software available in the market. But everything you cannot try or test. The best thing is you have to research and shortlist a few of them. So, we have compared SendX with other alternatives and shortlisted the best SendX alternatives in terms of pricing, usability, deliverability, features, reporting, and reliability.


First, let’s see the pricing of SendX alternatives

Alternatives Free Paid Plan Best Use for
GetResponse Yes $15.58/mo for 1000 contacts SMBs, E-Commerce, Startups, Bloggers
Moosend Yes $16/mo for 1000 contacts SMBs, E-Commerce, Startups, Bloggers
ActiveCampaign Yes $29/mo for 1000 contacts SMBs, E-Commerce, Startups, Bloggers
SendPulse Yes $9.60/mo for 1000 contacts Content Creator, Startups, Bloggers
Sender Yes $8.25/mo for 2500 contacts Content Creator, Startups, Bloggers Yes $27/mo for 5000 contacts Content Creator, Startups, Bloggers
AWeber Yes $26.15/mo for 2500 contacts Publishers, E-Commerce, Startups, Bloggers

7 Best SendX Alternatives for Your Growing Business


1. GetResponse

GetResponse is a great marketing automation software. It has everything to run a successful business. Compared to SendX, GetResponse offer advance features like website builder, marketing automation, eCommerce marketing, transaction emails, paid ads, live chat, webinar, push notification, and many more.

GetResponse Landing Page

Why GetResponse is the best SendX alternative?

  • Better free plan: SendX offers only 14 days free trial whereas GetResponse offers 30-day free plan with unlimited features.
  • Better automation: with GetResponse, you get the best automation features like custom events, workflows, splits and A/B testing even in the free version. While SendX offers only basic automation.
  • User friendly: GetResponse is more user-friendly and intuitive than SendX.
  • Email template: GetResponse is having a vast collection of professional email templates while SendX is having limited collection of responsive templates.
  • Pricing: GetResponse offers a slightly higher pricing plan compared to SendX. But it’s worth trying it.
  • More features: In GetResponse, you will get reliable and advance features. While in SendX you will get basic and outdated features.
  • SMS marketing: SendX does not offer SMS marketing features. While in GetResponse you will get SMS marketing features to send automated SMS to customers.

Best Features of GetResponse

  • More advanced and robust solution
  • Simplified and easy email design editor
  • AI-driven and code-free website builder
  • In-built webinar setup to increase engagement
  • Visual workflow builders
  • Easy to send transaction emails
  • In-built tools to run paid ads campaign
  • Live chat solution to connect the live visitor
  • Proven email deliverability
  • Quick and responsive customer service

GetResponse Pricing

  • Free plan (Send up to 500 contacts, 1 landing page, website builder, signup and popup forms, and more.)
  • Email Marketing Plan (Starts at 15/month for 1000 contacts. Includes all email marketing features)
  • Marketing Automation Plan (Starts at 48.38/month for 1000 contacts. Includes all email marketing and marketing automation features)
  • Ecommerce Marketing Plan (Starts at 97.58/month for 1000 contacts. Includes all e-commerce marketing features)

For more information, you can read the GetResponse review.


2. Moosend

Moosend is a powerful email marketing and marketing automation software. One of the good alternatives to SendX. Moosend can use small to large size companies. It is the best-rated marketing software in reputed review platforms like Capterra, GetApp, and G2. Moosend is the best value-for-money email marketing platform.


Why Moosend is a good alternative to SendX?

  • UI and Interface: Moosend UI is clean and simple to use. While SendX UI is legging and difficult to function.
  • Pricing: Moosend will cost you $16/month for 1000 subscribers. Whereas SendX will cost you $9/Month.
  • Segmentation: Moosend is very easy to manage list segmentation compared to SendX. SendX provides a very limited option for segmentation.
  • Automation: Moosend provides 30 ready-made automation templates that is easy to create automation workflow. Whereas in SendX it’s complicated to build an automation workflow.
  • Newsletter template: Moosend has a great collection of beautiful and responsive templates. Whereas in Sendx you will get only a few designs and need to start from scratch.
  • Personalization: In Moosend you will get more options for personalization compared to SendX.
  • Reporting & analytics: Moosend offers better campaign reporting than SendX.

Best Features of Moosend

  • Easy and simple campaign editor
  • Great collection of email templates
  • Seamlessly handle email marketing campaign
  • Pre-built automation workflow
  • Stylish and responsive popup and landing page
  • Offer free Subject line tester
  • Great reporting and analytics
  • API and integration

Moosend Pricing:

  • Free Plan offers 30-day free trial with unlimited emails.
  • Pro plan starts at $9/month for 500 contacts. That includes unlimited emails, automation workflows, landing pages, forms, SMTP server, and more.
  • Custom plan for customized pricing

For more information, please check Moosend Review.


3. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a #1 marketing automation platform that helps you to create a great customer experience. SendX is nowhere close to ActiveCampaign. It offers world-class eCommerce email marketing features that convert more audiences into customers.

Best fit for B2b, B2c and ecommerce companies to grow their business. ActiveCampaign ranked #1 by G2 in Marketing Automation and ranked #1 by TrustRadius in Email Marketing.


Why ActiveCampaign is the best alternative to SendX?

  • Website Tracking: ActiveCampaign tracks website visitors and each interaction of your customer on the website. Whereas in SendX you will not get this kind of information.
  • Social media advertising: In ActiveCampaign you can integrate with social media and increase engagement with an audience. In SendX you will not get this valuable feature.
  • Personalization: With ActiveCampaign you can send personalized and dynamic content that increases your customer engagement. In SendX you will miss these advance features.
  • Lead Scoring: ActiveCampaign allows lead scoring that helps you to understand which lead you should give more priority. But SendX does not offer these features.
  • SMS Marketing: Easily send SMS to your target audience. While in SendX you will not get the SMS option.
  • Advance Performance and Reporting: Analyze metrics based on revenue, campaign, website, and business goals.
  • Pricing: SendX can compete with ActiveCampaign only based on pricing. SendX offer much cheaper pricing compared to ActiveCampaign. But in terms of features, SendX is not even close to ActiveCampaign.

Best Features of ActiveCampaign

  • Reliable ecommerce marketing platform
  • Best performing CRM in the market
  • Create beautiful popup and convertible landing pages
  • Easy to design email editor
  • Dynamic content and multiple options for personalization
  • 125+ email templates on the active campaign marketplace
  • 700+ automation templates
  • Connect your customer through social media advertising
  • Offer great omnichannel marketing features

ActiveCampaign Pricing

  • Free Plan; Activecampaign offers 14-day free trial
  • Lite plan starts at $29/mo for 1000 contacts which include all basic email marketing features.
  • Professional plan starts at 149/mo for 1000 contacts which include all advanced features.

Signup here and explore extraordinary features.


4. SendPulse

SendPulse is another alternative to SendX. SendPulse is a multichannel marketing automation platform that helps you to deliver the right messages to your audience from one single platform. SendPluse offers in-built marketing solutions that include email, web push notification, SMS, chatbots, online course creator, and more.


Why SendPulse is the best alternative to SendX?

  • Best Free Plan: In SendPluse you will get up to 500 subscribers and send up to 15000 emails for free. Whereas SendX free plan is not that impressive.
  • Pricing: SendPulse offers a cost-effective and reasonable pricing plan with lots of advance features. Whereas SendX offers the same pricing plan with limited features.
  • Chatbot: SendPulse chatbot is a useful feature that helps to create chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram. Whereas SendX does not provide these features.
  • Bulk SMS Service: In SendPulse you will get bulk SMS service to reach your audience much faster. Whereas SendX does not offer bulk SMS service.
  • Email Verifier: In SendPulse you will get an in-built email verifier to keep your email list clean and reduce bounce rate. While in SendX you will not get an email verification service.
  • Online Course Creator: With the help of SendPulse you can create a professional online course and promote it to your audience. It is a useful feature for the content creator, training and teaching professionals, HR managers, and Industry professionals who want to create courses and sell them to their audience. SendX does not offer these kinds of solutions.
  • Web push notification: With SendPulse you can win back website visitors by using web/browser notifications. While in SendX this service is not available and needs to rely on other plugins or addons.

Best Features of SendPulse

  • Send up to 12000 emails for free
  • Simple tool to send transaction emails
  • Easily automated email, SMS, and web push notification
  • Get rating for each subscriber based on activity
  • Offer 130+ responsive email templates
  • Send web push notifications for free
  • Email effectiveness report
  • In-built email verification solution
  • Free CRM for marketing and sales team
  • Send the first 10 SMS for free
  • High-speed email deliverability

SendPulse Pricing

  • Free Plan: SendPulse offers a very impressive free plan. Once you sign up you can upload 500 subscribers and send up to 15000 emails/ month.
  • Standard plan: This basic plan starts at $9.60/month for 1000 subscribers which includes all the basic features.
  • Pro Plan: It starts at $11.52/month for 1000 subscribers which includes all the features.

Click here to explore more on SendPulse.


5. Sender

Sender is another email marketing tool that is 100% free. Sender is way cheaper than SendX. It will cost you just $8.25/ month for 2500 subscribers. offers affordable email marketing solutions. It provides powerful features like email marketing, email automation, landing pages, push notifications, SMS marketing, and more.


Why Sender is better than SendX?

  • Best Free plan: Sender offers one of the best free plans in the market. It provides 2500 subscribers and sends up to 15000 emails/ month. Whereas SendX offers only 14 days free trial that is not enough time to explore.
  • Pricing: Sender is the toughest competitor for SendX. offer $8.25/ month for 2500 subscriber. Whereas Sendx offers $14/month for 2500 contacts. Sender has the cheapest plan in the market. If you are looking for budget-friendly email marketing solution then you can choose
  • SMS marketing: In Sender, you will get powerful messaging features to connect with your audience. Whereas in SendX you will not get an SMS solution.
  • Automation: In Sender, you can create a sophisticated automation workflow effortlessly. But in SendX it’s too much complicated and not easy to implement.
  • High email deliverability: With Sender, you can experience the highest email deliverability. Sometimes in SendX, you might face email delivery issues.
  • Detailed Reports: With Sender stay ahead of the competition by analyzing detailed reports and insights. But in SendX you will get basic reporting metrics that is not enough.

Best Features of

  • Send up to 15,000 emails/month
  • Stunning and attractive email templates
  • Smart automation to deliver the perfect message at the right time
  • Dedicated team to your success
  • Easy to personalize email to increase engagement
  • Robust infrastructure to get highest email deliverability
  • Freely integrates with marketing tools
  • Fluently send SMS and MMS campaign
  • Free SPAM check and analysis
  • Automation spilt test and more. Pricing

  • Forever free plan comes with 2500 contacts and send up to 15000 emails/month.
  • Standard plan: It starts at $8.25/month that includes 2500 contacts, send up to 30000 emails, SMS marketing, marketing automation, popups, 3 user access, chat support, and more.
  • Professional plan: It starts at 29.25/month that includes 2500 contacts, send up to 60k emails, free SMS, animated count down timer, advance automation, dedicated IP, and all essential features.

For customized pricing plans you can contact the team.


6. is the new and easiest all-in-one marketing platform that has everything to grow your online business. Compared to SendX, offer more features and cost-effective solution. Best use for beginners, entrepreneurs, content creators, affiliate marketers, and marketing professionals. is trusted by more than 30,000 entrepreneurs to grow their online businesses. Just create a free account and enjoy the ultimate marketing platform.

Why is a top alternative to SendX?

  • Free Plan: offer 2000 contacts and send unlimited emails. But SendX offers a limited period free trial.
  • Fair Pricing: plan starts at $27/month for 5000 contacts and send unlimited emails. Also includes features like email automation, sales funnels, landing page, forms, customization, integration, coupon code, and 24/7 customer support. Whereas SendX offers $29.99/month for 5000 contacts and unlimited features.
  • Unlimited Storage Space: In you will get unlimited storage space to store images, files, and videos. But in SendX you will get is very limited space to upload files.
  • Website Builder: With the help of you can easily create website and landing pages without any coding skills. But SendX is limited to landing pages and forms. You cannot build whole websites.
  • Affiliate Program Management: With you can build your own affiliate program and automate affiliate payouts. Whereas in SendX this option is not available.
  • Sales Funnels: will help you to create sales funnel that takes care of everything from start to end. It is the best replacement for Click funnel, Leadpages, and KARTRA. But SendX does not provide a complete sales funnel.
  • Online Course: Easily build an online course with and sell it to your audience. But this option you will not get in SendX.

Best Features of

  • Best marketing tool to run an online business
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Easily create website and landing pages
  • Create a sales funnel effortlessly
  • Build online courses and promote them through emails
  • Easy integration with PayPal, Stripe, and other tools
  • Conduct webinars and grow your audience
  • Reasonable and affordable pricing plans Pricing

  • Free plan offers 2000 contacts and unlimited emails.
  • Startup plan comes with 5000 contacts and unlimited emails at $27/month.
  • Unlimited plan comes with unlimited features at $97/month.

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7. AWeber

Aweber is another ultimate email marketing platform that helps small business owners to scale their online business. Aweber is known for the best email deliverability if you are facing a deliverability issue then you can try Aweber to improve it. Aweber is the best alternative to SendX. It allows a lot more advance features compare to SendX.


Why Aweber is better than SendX?

  • Free Plan: Aweber free plan is forever free. In that, you will get 500 contacts and 3000 email sends that is best for beginners. As you know SendX does not offer much for free.
  • Email Templates: Aweber has a great collection of email templates. It has more than 100 responsive email templates. But in SendX, you will get limited email template collection.
  • Dynamic Content: Aweber offers dynamic content features that change the content based on user preference. It helps to get more engagement and click rate. But SendX does not offer dynamic content.
  • Email Deliverability: AWeber provide word-class email deliverability that ensures your email reaches to inbox. Whereas in SendX email deliverability is not up to the industry standard.
  • Email Automation: In AWeber, you can easily setup automation and save lots of hours of work. Whereas in SendX it’s difficult and confusing setting up email automation.
  • Pricing: In terms of pricing, AWeber starts at $16.15/ month. Whereas SendX is much cheaper than Aweber. But features wise you cannot compare SendX with AWeber.

Best Features of AWeber

  • Get free 6,000+ stock images
  • Intuitive drag and drop builder
  • Great looking forms and landing pages
  • Best email deliverability
  • Get a pre-built autoresponder
  • In-depth personalization
  • Make use of pre-designed reports
  • Easy integration with other marketing tools

AWeber Pricing

  • Free Plan: It comes with 500 subscribers and sends up to 3000 emails, landing pages, web push notifications, sign-up forms, and more features.
  • Pro Plan: AWeber pro plan starts at 16.15/month for 500 subscribers and unlimited features.

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There are a lot of email marketing software competitors for SendX. But we have listed only a few of them by reviewing their pricing, usability, features, deliverability, customer service, and reliability.

SendX is very good email marketing software. Only a few useful features you will not get in SendX. But for the growing business, you must have advance features like SMS, Push notification, advance automation, personalization, ready-made templates website tracking, advance reporting, paid ads, pixel tracking, and more.

If you are price concise, you can try using, SendPulse, and Because it offers similar pricing as SendX.

If you are looking for an all-in-one marketing platform with advance features, then you should go for GetResponse, Moosend, ActiveCampaign, and AWeber.

Hope this article will help you to identify the right alternatives to SendX. Kindly share your thoughts in a comment below.