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Abandoned cart emails is an effective way to encourage the customer to complete the transaction. Sending abandoned cart emails at the right time makes a huge difference in conversion.

On an average 69% of the online carts are abandoned. Many customers add products to their cart but do not complete the transaction. Either they will wait for a discount or they simply browsing the website or sometimes they forget to check out. It’s better to understand customer behavior and automate email by segmenting based on customer behavior.

Through abandoned cart email, you can easily win back customers. By using abandoned cart email Shopify increases sales by more than 20% and reduces abandoned cart rates by 6.5%.

Generic Status of Abandonment Cart (Source: Moosend):

Moosend info

What is an abandoned cart email?

Few customers add products in to their shopping cart but do not complete the order, At that time you can send the reminder email saying that to complete the order. That reminder email is called an abandoned cart email. The purpose of an abandoned cart email is to encourage customers to complete transactions.


Why do people abandon online shopping carts?

If you know why customers are abandoning shopping carts then you can create the perfect sales funnel to complete the order. Here is the most common reason for abandoning a cart.

  • Unexpected delivery charges and taxes
  • Delivery time delay
  • Complex checkout process
  • Simply adding product into the cart for next purchase
  • Customer forget to checkout
  • Website issue
  • Return or exchange policies
  • Comparison shopping
  • Total cost is not visible upfront


Here are the 12 best abandoned cart email strategies to win back lost customers

1. Send trigger email within 24 hours

Study shows that sending reminder email within 24 hours is more effective than sending later. Send an email when the customer has an interest in buying the product.

Sending email within 30-60 minutes of inactivity gives you the highest conversion rate for abandoned cart leads.


2. Create subject lines that grab customer attention

Getting your email opened is challenging because the everyday customer gets a lot of emails. Write a subject line that stands out from the customer inbox. Use a crisp and clean subject line that grabs customer attention.

Few examples of best subject lines that perform well for an abandonment cart email.

  • Your cart is waiting!
  • Your Cart is Missing You
  • Remember Your Cart Items? Get Them at 25% Discount
  • Your cart’s rolling away. Complete your order today.
  • Have You Forgotten?
  • Complete your order today: Plus a 25% coupon code.
  • 50% OFF on Your Expiring Cart


3. Write a short and clear abandonment cart email

Content should be short and clear, so customers can understand the purpose of the email and take action accordingly. Write a friendly reminder email including the benefits of the product and highlight special discounts to grab customer interest.

Here is the perfect example from Nykka:

Nykka Abandoned cart emails


4. Use images to highlight what they are missing

The brain process image faster than text. The image provides a quick reminder of what they have added in their cart. Including relevant product images in the abandonment cart email that will help customers to make a purchase decision. Also, try using gif images to get more engagement with customers.

Here’s a great example from Flipkart:

Flipkart Abandoned cart emails


5. Highlight the benefits of product and services

While sending abandonment cart emails, highlight the product benefits which customers have considered. Also, mention the most valuable reason why they should finish the checkout process.


6. Offer discount or value

If you are planning to offer a good deal then an abandonment cart email is a great place to start with your campaign. Even if you provide a small discount like 10% off or 5$ discount that makes a huge difference in sales. Customers like offers, discounts, and gifts which force them to change their purchasing decision.

Here’s the best example from GoDaddy:

Abandoned cart emails


7. Provide social proof with reviews

Providing testimonials and product reviews in email that encourage customers to make a buying decision. Word of mouth marketing is an effective way to build trust and reach your target audience. Genuine customer review works as an influencer in marketing.


8. Include an effective call to action (CTA) that achieve your goals

CTA has a crucial role in email marketing. Every email campaign has its own goal to achieve but clear and precise CTA is very important. Don’t be afraid of losing customer, make CTA in such a way that drive leads into a customer. Position CTA in a right place, either starting of the email or end of the email body that catches leads attention.

Some of the popular CTA examples:

  • Seal The Deal
  • View My Order
  • Claim $5 Off
  • Return to Your Cart
  • Check out now
  • Get My 10% Off
  • View Cart
  • Complete Order
  • View Your Cart
  • Complete Your Order Now


9. Sense of urgency

Create a sense of urgency to complete the order. People pay more attention to losing out on items rather than what they are able to get. The Fear of missing out (FOMO) works pretty well in abandonment cart email.

Alert the potential customer if they do not complete the order, they may lose the items. It creates scarcity among customers and higher chances of completing the order.


10. Offer alternatives

Sometimes customer abandoned their shopping cart due to being unsure of their choice – may be a product is not exactly what they had it in their mind. But they might be interested in alternatives or similar types of products.

Including alternative or similar kinds of products that will give customers a better idea to choose the right product of their interest.


11. Set up an automated abandoned cart emails

Never send abandoned cart email manually, use a sophisticated automation platform that sends abandonment cart email automatically based on certain times of inactivity.

Automation emails

12. Mobile Optimized

Use mobile-optimized abandonment cart emails to get a higher conversion rate.

Here is the perfect example from Dote.

Dote Abandoned cart emails


Never miss out an opportunity to target abandoned cart customers there is a higher chance of converting them through abandonment cart emails. Setting up abandoned cart emails with a marketing automation platform produces a higher return on investment. Many of the automation platforms offers ready-made abandonment cart workflows that helps converting warm leads into a customer.

Use these best abandonment cart email strategies to win back lost customer. If you have any other strategies then please comment below.