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Google ads strategies for B2b Marketing

Including Google ads in your B2b marketing strategies is very important. Google ads boost your business with more visitors, leads, and higher return on investment. There are many channels for PPC advertising but Google ads is one of the most effective channels for B2b marketing.

Reaching B2b audiences through google ads can be tricky. Most of the time B2b campaigns suffer common challenges like competitive keywords with a higher cost per click, smaller keywords with lower search volume, attracting unqualified clicks, higher cost per conversion.

To avoid these common challenges, we are presenting the 5 best Google ads strategies to improve your campaign.

1. Keywords

It is important to focus on keywords that work for you. This is one of the major factors in building a Google ads strategy to get a higher return from your advertising.

Keyword Match Types

Keywords match type take a major role while triggering your ads, choosing the right keyword type is very important. There are 4 different types of keyword match but all will not work in B2B marketing. Most of the time you get better results from Exact Match and Phrase Match. Always try to optimize your ads by adding new keywords to the campaign.

Match Type
Special Symbol Example Keyword Ad may show on searches Example searches
Broad Match None Digital Marketing Course include misspelling, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations Digital marketing course, digital marketing training, Online marketing course, Free digital marketing course, etc.
Broad Match Modifier +Keyword +Digital
contain the modified term (or close variations, but not synonyms), in any order Digital marketing course, Digital marketing training, Marketing course, digital course, etc.
Phrase Match “Keyword” “Digital Marketing” are a phrase, and close variations of that phrase Digital Marketing course, Digital Marketing software, Digital Marketing tools, Digital Marketing training, Learn Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Programme, etc.
Exact Match [Keyword] [Digital marketing course]
[Digital marketing training]
[Learn digital marketing online][digital marketing certification]
are an exact term and close variations of that exact term Digital marketing course, Digital marketing training, Learn digital marketing online, digital marketing certification, etc.
Negative Match
-Keyword -Free are searches without the term digital marketing course

This is an essential step when forming your keyword selection, consider all match types and run campaigns after that based on results optimize your campaign. For B2b it’s better not to consider a broad match because it gives you a lot of impressions but low conversion. It depends from campaign to campaign and depends on your goal.

2. Negative Keywords

Once you choose your keywords and start running a campaign you will observe some search results are relevant and others are not. So now you have to remove irrelevant keywords by using a negative keyword match type. Before doing this keep watch for irrelevant search and unqualified clicks to narrow down your keyword list.


3. Strategic Remarketing

Remarketing is valuable when done properly. Several times most companies do it wrong and end up accomplishing unwanted results. These few tips will work for you to achieve desirable results. 

Bid on conversion: You should focus on the value you are offering to customers while creating a retargeting campaign. Show a different value proposition or message based on where the user dropped off. If a user dropped off on an abandoned cart, retarget them with a specific ad and offer them a discount. So that you can improve retarget campaign conversion.

Time-delayed retargeting: Time-delayed retargeting helps to engage more customers. Retargeting the same ad for two months will not work. Instead, retarget the same ad for a month after that start showing different ads, designs, and offers for similar products.


4. Use Gmail Ads to Target Your Customer

Using Gmail ads is one of the best Google ads strategies. There are a billion or more Gmail users around the world. You can target Gmail users with specific ads and get higher conversion.

  • Target prospects who have visited certain web pages.
  • Target prospects who are engaged with specific domains.
  • The cost per conversion may be on the higher side. But you should consider the customer lifecycle value and bid accordingly.


5. Use Ad Extensions to Generate More Sales

Ad extensions are additional pieces of information that are more helpful to users. Ad extensions include a phone number, site link, location, price, reviews and more. You should choose Ad extension according to your requirements. Adding extensions to your Google ads will give you a 10-15% better click-through rate and improve quality score.


Google ads is an impressive channel for B2b advertising. However many companies are not able to generate desirable results from their PPC campaign. This is because they don’t know how to target the right audience and engage prospects with better offers and content. Just knowing the target audience is not enough. To run a successful campaign you should analyze Google ads metrics and optimizing ads accordingly. Google ads system will take some time to perform your keyword and produce great results.